WoT Console: Thiepval Ridge Map

New map is coming for World of Tanks consoles. It will be 1200 x 1200 meters big.



13 thoughts on “WoT Console: Thiepval Ridge Map

    1. If you’re talking about Paris map, there are actually some very viable TD and LT positions, for TD’s even better than on many open maps. Whole north is really open, and generally the map looks better than I expected. How it’s gonna play out in randoms is a different thing though.


  1. So please EXACTLY which console platform is WOT supported on, as after seeing this and several other New ‘bigger’ Maps for ‘console only’
    and ~ its +-1 MM
    and it gets cool nice new Tanks that NEVER get to PC version

    I want to go to Console WOT and ASAP
    I’m not playing that broken fuck shite on PC WOT if this is available to play


      1. People are just salty because, well because they’re stupid really.
        Console WOT is much worse. Yes it has Chieftain. Apart from that it gets every new line half a year or year later than PC WoT. AFAIK it still has komarin. Arty is more powerful. TD’s still have 850 alpha and unnerfed viewrange. Grass in sniper mode can’t be turned off (small thing but big pain in the ass). UI like from 2005. Stupid grinding system. Anyone who isn’t half blind can see that the graphics are much worse than PC (terrible LoD, horrible lightning + shadows).

        Generally the core gameplay is much worse than PC. I can’t deny there are some interesting features ingame but generally console WoT is miles behind PC.


    1. Since nobody else actually answered the question; its available on PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The Xbox consoles play on the same servers but the 360 has vastly inferior graphics. PS4 and Xbox One are entirely identical.

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  2. Forgot to add ~
    this New Map makes 90% of the Maps on the PC version look like utter crap and the calculated cheap shit that they mostly all are

    in fact I could and would play this type of Map all day
    my LT missions would be a total utter joy!


  3. North spawn lights. . .race down the 1 line. Get up on the ridge at K 1,2. This is a great spot to cast your vision towards South Spawn. All those juicy heavies and tds lumbering west towards the G line island, ridge, river system that hugs the useless trenches.

    South Spawn lights need to race up the 0 line and get up to the Windmill at E 8,9. and get vision on the tanks that have decided to head east from Spawn and stay on the A line after snaking around the ridge that shields spawn.

    Amazing map. So big that at first each team wouldn’t spot one another for 10 minutes because everyone lemminged together from spawn.


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