WoWS 0.5.12 changes- RN CL and more

Thanks to Urakaze for translating.
The following changes are mainly focused on the rebalanced RN CLs, as well as a series of changes to other ships.
RN CL Changes
– The Smoke Screen of RN CLs will be replaced with a special engine boost, effects:
-15% boost to top speed, increased acceleration and deceleration for 120 seconds
-Number of charges: 2/3, Reload time: 180/120 seconds
-Changes to Repair Party consumable, Edinburgh,Neptune and Minotaur are now equiped with this consumable, effects:
-Repairs 8% of total hp/second, for 5 seconds
-Number of charges: 2/3, Reload time: 120/80 seconds
-Changes to ammo
– All ships except Emerald (tier 5) have HE removed, AP alpha damage halved, AP ricochet angle increased from 45° to 60° and auto-ricochet angle at 75°, detonation threshold decreased from 25mm to 12mm
-Black Swan (Tier 1) now uses Training AP shells with increased shell weight and 450 damage, shares same ricochet characteristics with the rest of the line, range nerfed from 8.7km to 7km
-Neptune and Minotaur will have a new AP ammo with 805m/s initial velocity, not implemented yet.
-Changes to armour
– Leander and Fiji receives a hull armour buff, from 13mm to 16mm so 203mm AP cannot overmatch it now.
– Edinburgh, Neptune and Minotaur receives a hull armour buff, from 16mm to 22mm to enhance protection from 127mm HE and increase ricochet chances for 203mm AP
– Premium ships Belfast and Perth are only affected by this change
Other Changes
-Some tier 5-7 cruisers will have their armour buffed to 19mm, some ships like Myoko only have their bow and stern plating buffed, while some like Shchors have the entire hull buffed. This buff will increase their resistance towards 203mm AP, as well as resistance against 100mm HE from Akizuki for tier 6 and 7 cruisers.
List of cruisers changed:
-Kirov, Budyonny, Shchors, Molotov (Parts of Budyonny’s armour are buffed to 30mm)
-Nürnberg, Yorck
-Pensacola, Indianapolis, Flint, Atlanta (The latter 2 have their hull buffed to 16mm)
-Aoba, Myoko
-Part of Cleveland’s 13mm armour nerfed to 10mm
-Tier 6-10 DD bow and stern armour thickness will be nerfed, armour ranging from 13-19mm will be decreased to 12-15mm, this change will help Akizuki against DDs and increase the effectiveness of German 105mm/Japanese 100mm secondaries
List of DDs changed:
-Mutsuki, Hatsuharu, Fubuki, Shiratsuyu, Akatsuki, Akizuki, Kagero, Yugumo, Shimakaze
-Farragut, Sims, Benson, Fletcher, Gearing
-Ognevoi, Leningrad, Tashkent, Udaloi, Khabarovsk
-Lo Yang, Anshan
-Minor CV armour changes
-Two pieces of armour are removed from Nagato and Arizona
-Friedrich der Große’s stern armour buffed from 28mm to 30mm , *bow armour buffed from 28mm to 30mm* (* not confirmed, speculations only)
-Montana bomb deck buffed from 29mm to 38mm, so it can defend itself against HE shells of caliber 220mm or lower, and increases the chances of 460mm AP ricochets at close to mid ranges.
-New Jolly Roger flag
-Prinz Eugen’s new camo is available, price increased from 2000 doubloons to 3000 doubloons, +50% commander experience earned, +50% experience earned, +10% credits income, with the usual decreased hit accuracy + increased concealment
-Friedrich der Große and Großer Kurfürst’s secondaries minimum firing range changed