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Veider got fired from his current position in the tank balancing department. We do not know yet if it is because of the Swedish tank fiasco.

UPDATE: Veider himself confimed this information.

His account was banned.


25 thoughts on “News from Wargaming

  1. hopefully his replacement will balance the IS-3, IS-6, and now the 112 (come on seriously?! a better hull than the tier 10 113?!?!? da fk kind of balance is that. its forcing u to use gold ffs)

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  2. Bring back Zlobny so ya’ll can have some 2009 HARDCORE bullshit

    I reallly miss that time !!!! I remember the sound of my rage “We cant pen their armmor”

    Who remember the old times of M6 fight against the MAUS without Premium Shells !!!!

    kids nowsday complain about the MM ……

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        1. i remember the gun of the old pzIV 135 of pen or somehing like that… was agreat gun :)

          Who remmeber the old good KV before the big HE nerf of 2010…

          look its a Maus ouver there let me fuck a crapy on that guy kkkkk 500 damage on the FUP….

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  3. i missed that article initially the one about the premium tier 8 does this mean we could get a more historically accurate branch or have they gone to far with the unhhistorical crap to change it at this point.
    i honestly think historical accuracy is an important thing in this game i dont think wg shouldnt fuck with stats like the armour gun depression and things like that but i am not against things like engine upgrades that couldve been added to the vehicle in the future or planned up gunning of vehicles.
    i would limit them to buffing one key module or a characteristic of a machine if it would be perfect for a tier otherwise so as an example upgrading the gun on the is3 yeah it makes the tank fit tier 8 because at tier 7 it would be hilariously broken but im not a fan of the fact they also buffed the depression values too with that gun. they also i believe buffed the maus engine which im fine with because lets face it if they didnt buff the engine that thing would be even more useless than it is now.
    im also against totally over tiering things as well the germans in particular suffer horrifically from this which we all know well…
    the 1 case where i think a made up tank is justified is if you cant find something else then id say a clone or something made up would be justified.

    also a point most people dont realise is that most wg fake tanks are shit like truely shit. things like the t28 prot are in the game… i mean if your gonna make something up make it fit the fucking line. also stuff like the fv4202 was shit at tier 10 (although the cent ax isnt much better oh and that tank changed so much when it went ot tier 8 that i consider the tier 10 version a total fake) the t25/2 is also a total fake which is crap although it looks a lot better these days next to things like the challenger… things like the t28 the non turreted one is also fake. for some bizarre reason wg took a t95 stripped the side plates and second set of tracks off it which wouldve been realistic if they left it at that but for some inexplicable reason they gave it an upper and lower plate and reduced the size of the mantlet by about half and reduced the overall front armour by 30%. if you dont know what im talking about in terms of the t28 then go to and look at the armour models side by side. also a couple more things like the churchill gc and the foch 155… i also add in things like the lowe as a fake too because that thing has been power creeped harder than any other tier 8 in the game. that things a joke these days.

    theres only a few total wg fakes which are really op things like the e5 which i think is made up? the wt e100 and the conquerour gun carriage. (the one i always found hilarious was that the wt e100 was if i remember the description some sort of anti aicraft vehicle yet it has like 8 degrees elevation or something like that XD)

    there are a few which are decently balanced though something like the e50m is a good example. its just a good over all tank.

    correct me if im wrong on any of these.


    1. T110E5 should be named the T110E4. WG took huge liberties with the design, the real design is similar but they changed it a lot.

      The Lowe is historical afaik, and the Foch 155 was just a simple suggest like “let’s add autoloading 155mm gun”


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