New Swedish Leak: Tier 8 Premium Medium

The fake LS-50 will be a Swedish tier 8 premium. The tank is essentially an EMIL 1951 hull mounting a Lansen 25 ton turret.

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Above: EMIL 1951
Below: Lansen 25 ton
We were able to obtain this information from a thread post which SP15 posted himself. Here is his comment…
“Its officailly over, im not doing this anymore. The swedish tree was a waste of three years of my life and i want nothing more to do with it.
If WG is just going to make stats up when they know the real ones since long ago there is nothing more i can do. Frankly i should have taken the whole Strv 103 thing as a sign of things to come because there is nothing good to come of the mess that is the swedish tree in the furure. WG is making crapup when it comes to the heavy tank armor and all the stats on the ivk 103 are completely made up garbage. And as a bonus and to make sure i really burn some bridges they are planning to introduce the LS-50 tank that i proposed as a premium tier 8 medium despite it being a outright fake and despite there being historical alternatives available.”
This leak will cause a huge trouble since he is not allowed to leak this information.