New Swedish Leak: Tier 8 Premium Medium

The fake LS-50 will be a Swedish tier 8 premium. The tank is essentially an EMIL 1951 hull mounting a Lansen 25 ton turret.

Above: EMIL 1951

Below: Lansen 25 ton

We were able to obtain this information from a thread post which SP15 posted himself. Here is his comment…

“Its officailly over, im not doing this anymore. The swedish tree was a waste of three years of my life and i want nothing more to do with it.

If WG is just going to make stats up when they know the real ones since long ago there is nothing more i can do. Frankly i should have taken the whole Strv 103 thing as a sign of things to come because there is nothing good to come of the mess that is the swedish tree in the furure. WG is making crapup when it comes to the heavy tank armor and all the stats on the ivk 103 are completely made up garbage. And as a bonus and to make sure i really burn some bridges they are planning to introduce the LS-50 tank that i proposed as a premium tier 8 medium despite it being a outright fake and despite there being historical alternatives available.”

This leak will cause a huge trouble since he is not allowed to leak this information.


24 thoughts on “New Swedish Leak: Tier 8 Premium Medium

    1. the thing is, he proposed it among some historical alternatives, and WG still chose this one
      also he is upset because all the work he put into researching the tanks, and WG still took a dump on him by throwing all that work into the garbage bin and making up their own numbers.

      Basically, I see where he’s coming from, and its a shame we lost him as someone whos in contact with WG

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      1. I have all of the respect of Sp15 for taking his time and making the swedish tree in Wot come true. without him it would probably not have happened. But i wonder why he proposed the fake tank with the historically accurate ones. i would presume WG would not know about it if he did not mention it to them.

        and we don’t know if he mentioned it was fake or not. (which i would also presume he did)

        Back to the point though, why did he mentioned it?

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          1. I would assume in his early proposals he had nothing better, then found alternatives later. Proposals kind of do need premium tanks, if I recall what SilentStalker wrote about his experiences with the Czech line correctly.

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            1. According to what SS said, basically yes. He didn’t say it explicitly in his ‘building a tree’ article but in the article where he talked about his meeting with Pasholok he said “a major issue (whether Czechoslovakia can have an original premium tank) was settled I think” which implies that having a premium tank is important.

              And considering that premium tanks make WG money, especially tier 8 ones, you can see why. Hell Czech tree originally also was planned to have a tier 8 premium instead of a tier 6.

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  1. >WG removes unhistorical crap like WT E100 and states they will gradually replace/rework unhistorical tanks
    >wants to introduce more unhistorical crap and premium tanks

    0 fucks given about player wishes and opinions, only thing on their mind is more profit from 5 new t8 premiums every patch.
    While I agree with sp15’s decision, I think WG will simply find someone else to help them with whatever they want.

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      1. The point is that someone needs to show WG that a substantial part of the playerbase that cares about historical accuracy has had enough of WG’s tank design studio. But WoT devs have their heads up their asses so they are physically unable to listen to anyone’s opinion

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        1. If I get the story right sp15 suggested this tank first as a premium. WG started working on the line and on this tank to be a premium.

          After a while he realised the tank is fake, and suggested alternatives. WG could do only two things. 1. Keep going down this path implementing a fake tank
          2. Throw away all the work they already spent on the tank which might result in delaying the whole tree

          Also don’t forget that with the new HD modelling technologies it isn’t really cheap to make new Tank models even if they are outsourced. So if they started modelling the tank as well it would mean WG will lose money cancelling the tank.

          Of course this doesn’t explain the “crapup” of oher Swedish tanks, but don’t forget, this is an ARCADE game where stats are used to balance the game. As my favourite SerB said: “You want realism? Join the army.”


        2. Sorry but if you want historical accuracy why are you playing an arcade game? This isn’t a simulator. E-100 was never made. It was designed to replace the prototype-only Pz VIII Maus. Clearly if you cared about historical accuracy you would’ve quit some time ago…


  2. Who the hell got the guy who created the WTE-100 into the dev team again?
    Honestly, if they still went with the obvious fake one when they had choices of other ones, they are just being fat liars about not implementing completely fake tanks into the game again after removing the WT


  3. Well then.
    I’m actually more curious about what retaliation will happen to SP15 than this fake tank they will most likely implement.

    Yay for watching other people suffer! :D


  4. Relevant from Reddit:

    “I have absolutely no idea what (if anything) Veider getting fired has to do with anything, Swedish or not, but I can clarify a few things about sp15.
    sp15 made the original Swedish tree “community proposal” using information that was then available in books, on the internet etc. This was back in 2013. I saw this, got interested, and started visiting the national military archives to do research on Swedish tanks in general. I shared my research (photographed document pages) with sp15 as well as with a bunch of other Swedish tank enthusiasts/historians etc. sp15 wrote a bunch of articles for FTR about Swedish tanks based on this information. This eventually led to Wargaming getting in touch with us and I ended up consulting for them to provide them with the information they wanted. Since sp15 did not and does not do research on his own (he doesn’t live in a place that’s convenient for accessing the national archives) he was not offered the same deal. He was still included in certain informal discussions with one of our contacts at WG for various reasons.
    sp15 was understandably very attached to his own vision of the Swedish tree, and really didn’t like some of the supertest announcements.
    I’m really not at liberty to discuss future tank releases, but I can say that the LS-50 is a real designation for real project that did exist. Basically no details are known about it, though.”


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