Supertest: Pilsen Map Changes

From the available information, this map is supposed to be more confortable for all types of vehicles. The map size will increase from 800 x 800 m to 1000 x 1000 m. Most of the new space is going to the redesigned field part of the map, that will make maneuvering easier for LTs and sniping for TD/SPGs more easy.

In addition, several changes to the big factories were made.


14 thoughts on “Supertest: Pilsen Map Changes

    1. Never even tried to go with top tier MTs to that area of the map, since most of the times you have 3+ sky cancers in the MM.
      Literally, that entire area is of no use to anyone but sky cancer players.


  1. Pilsen map changes aka how to fuck up bad maps and make them even worse.

    Basically WG decided to add bushes on the redline where you can double bush and shut down a whole lane. Well done.

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    1. Calm your tits guy. It is still in supertest. There will be a lot of changes before it comes out with the changes. I agree 9-0 line is now open, but will probably be fixed.


  2. Well, I guess I will have more options for the fapping areas where I can dispense cancer from. That’s good. G.W.Panther for the win!


    1. Ofcourse it isn’t. The field has way less useful cover, and adding that bush you can see on 4th picture means pushing the field around the east means you taking damage from TD sitting there. And you obviously can’t push the inside of that “bowl” because there is no cover and everybody from the middle can shoot you.

      So while field on Pilsen is not great area to fight as it is right now, this supertest version is pretty much poking that one ridgeline.

      The bush on E1 is same story really, one TD there and 1 line is completely shut down.


  3. WG: “Sure, non-brawlers, you can have your sniping spots… but after the first week you’ll be lucky to get one idiot per game driving in front of your gun.”

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  4. And how the fuck can you achieve dynamic and fun games by allowing TDs and arties to “snipe” better?

    As I have said before, TDs should be balanced so they can actively support HTs and MTs frum second line, not stand back and snipe preventing any person from moving and playing the game. There should only be tenks in wot that can 1: push flanks and brawl, 2: “flank” and support, 3: support from 2nd line (not take damage so much but make damage with superior firepower).

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  5. Just as silly map as prokorovkha, it is so fucking bad because people cant move effectively without getting sniped. Even in a MT you get outspotted by all campers far back and as soo nas you move you get spotted on that stupid corridor mepue.


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