WoT Console: Update 3.3 Patchnotes

Download Sizes –

Xbox One: ~2.5 GB / Xbox 360: ~923 MB
PlayStation 4: ~2.4 GB

View platform specific update notes here:

New Features

  • Armor and Component Viewer (see above)
  • Multiple Consumable Use (see above)
  • Spectator HUD Improvements: Added a fixed camera mode for spectator fly cam, spotted tank names appear in yellow, HUD can now be properly hidden via Options
  • Emblems: “Firefly” inscription available for all UK vehicles / “Jumbo” inscription available for all U.S. vehicles
  • Store: Added bundle countdown timer to show when promotion expires


  • Centurion Action X replaces FV4202
  • Chieftain Mk 6.: new tier X UK heavy tank
  • FV4202 becomes a tier VIII Premium medium tank

New Maps

  • Thiepval Ridge
  • Pacific Island – Typhoon

Updated Maps

  • Abbey: New terrain layout
  • Sacred Valley – War!: Updated to latest version
  • Prokhorovka: New terrain layout for balance

Vehicle Changes

  • Kanonenjagdpanzer: Increased penetration from 212 to 238mm. Decreased aim time from 2.0 to 1.8 seconds
  • T-50-2: Increased chassis traverse from 38 to 45. Reduced terrain resistance

Additional Features

  • Ranked Battles: Updated various icons with new art
  • Pacific Island – War!: Added in Team Destruction game type
  • Sand River (Encounter): Moved flag/base to new location for balance
  • Komarin (Assault): Moved flag/base and spawns for balance
  • Ruinberg (Assault) Ruinberg – War! / Ruinberg Winter (Assault): Moved flag/base and spawns for balance
  • Erlenberg (standard): Relocated flags/bases and spawns for balance
  • Skorpion Pass (encounter): Moved flag/base and spawns for balance
  • Auto resupply icon now appears on “Supplies at a Glance” / “Supplies” menu when disabled
  • Options: Inform players in “Control” tab that they can toggle between mini-maps
  • Improved the notification of the “dismissal of a Crew” action
  • Removed “Flank Left” and “Flank Right” radial commands
  • Grid lines added to the Team Training minimap.
  • Replaced “Enemies Located!” with “No Shot! in radial commands
  • Artillery “Attacking!” command replaced with “No Shot!” if shot is obstructed or out of range
  • Tips added to shortcut dialogs
  • Added Inertial Toggle and Height Lock buttons to the Spectator legend when using Spectator Fly Cam
  • Friendly AI can now trigger radial chat commands
  • New post-mortem message for self-destructions
  • T26E4 Freedom: Made camouflage color whiter
  • Emblem: “Kilroy was here” added


  • Ranked Battles: Adjusted visual for “Ranked Battles Unlocked!” screen
  • Ranked Battles: Adjusted League icons to be more readable
  • Ranked Battles: Fixed issues with “Ranked Battles Unlocked!” celebration screen having truncated text in Brazilian Portuguese
  • Launcher: Fixed instances of button legend disappearing when highlighting “Select Server” before lock icon disappears
  • Basic Training: Fixed overlapping VO issue on third objective. Fixed duplicate move to points on second enemy objective
  • Adjusted lighting to prevent screen background from washing out text
  • Mines (skirmish): Script fix for a friendly bot that was not setting its initial path
  • The XP/Silver shortcut dialog speed should mirror the Store speed
  • Basic Training: Objective images no longer truncate text
  • Colons removed from options in Team training
  • 105/100-octane Gasoline: no longer displays truncated Japanese text
  • Sand River: Updated minimap
  • Fixed radial command issue that would display % instead of players name
  • Fixed issue when repairing a vehicle while in a Platoon
  • Players still in battle are marked appropriately in the Team Training room
  • Boost Ops: added description to “Ops” second help screen
  • Fixing truncation issue in the Tutorial Complete popup
  • Fixed missing glyph for Multiplayer Game Mode in Korean
  • Being kicked while in the Safe Zone configuration properly boots the user back to the “Game Modes” menu
  • Assisted damage now properly marked in “Efficiency” tab
  • Premium time now displays in the Op rewards help screen
  • Team Training: Game cursor no longer toggles back to “Variants” selection when backing out to select a new map
  • Dialog shortcut strings now appropriately reflect Silver needed in several areas
  • Tank icons no longer truncated in the “Stats” tab
  • The maps for Live Oaks and Swamp display correctly
  • Extra overlapping page markers when purchasing large bundles in the Store fixed
  • Players can recruit a Crew directly after converting Gold to Silver
  • Rapid courses’ Crew confirmation now contains text
  • Packages are now showing the correct prices in the “Log” tab
  • Small changes to spacing in spectator HUD legend
  • Fixed HUD to update the “out of range” notification when a new max shot distance value is fed in
  • Improved frame rate when a vehicle is blown up
  • Game mode backgrounds for Xbox 360 now match that of the Xbox One and PS4
  • French: Fixed truncated text for “Silver needed”
  • All high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) ammo now correctly labeled
  • German: “Back” translated corrected
  • Russian: Packages life cycle help screen translated correctly
  • Polish: Consumables/equipment translated correctly
  • French: “You’re waiting in the queue” translated correctly
  • Package background now displays the vehicle selected
  • Player no longer receives a multitude of audio cues when you reconnect
  • Spectator: Tank’s team camouflage colors appear correctly
  • Spectator: Free Cam now returns to the last observe vehicle
  • Fixed a rare freeze issue when accepting a Platoon invite during IPX
  • T22 Prototype: Amount of XP deducted now matches what was displayed
  • Searchlight FX fix
  • Environmental volume slider now gives audible feedback
  • Fixed an issue where reconnecting while in a “Basic Training” battle would attempt to reconnect you to the same battle


  • Engine and gun audio fixes for all vehicles
  • IS-2, VK 16.02: Gun barrel no longer visible in Sniper view
  • KV-220: Fixed destroyed state and misaligned wheel
  • AMX CDC: Fixed Sniper view from clipping through buildings
  • Marder II: Fixed track and fire placement
  • M2 Light: Adjusted animated attachment
  • Matilda: Fixed additional gun placement/alignment
  • M2 Medium: Fixed misaligned wheel
  • Achilles IIC: Fixed track particle effects
  • M41 Bulldog: Fixed tread link direction
  • Cruiser Mk II: Fixed animated attachment
  • T1 HMC: Fixed tread direction
  • T1 Cunningham: Fixed track direction
  • FCM 36 Pak 40: Fixed camouflage on gun and gun mantlet
  • 112: Fixed camouflage on the hull and turret
  • Pz.Kpfw. III: Moved mounted machine gun into proper location on the hull
  • AMX 50 100: Fixed camouflage on the gun
  • Tiger II: Now has one pair of treads
  • Tiger : Fixed issue with camouflage applied incorrectly on tools
  • AMX M4 mle. 45: Renamed package Projet 141(90) to Projet 141(105)
  • T71: Destroyed treads no longer clip through the hull


  • Ruinberg – War!/Winter: Physics region added to prevent access to restricted areas
  • Siegfried Line, Lakeville, Swamp, Port: Physics region added to prevent vehicles from getting stuck in destroyed buildings (under bridge on Port)
  • Province: Smoothed out terrain where vehicles were getting stuck
  • Pearl River: Added rocks and physics regions around a center hill in the center that was being exploited
  • Highway (standard): All spawns moved slightly to fix spawning under map
  • Ardennes: Smoothed terrain where vehicles were getting stuck