AMX 50 Foch, 112, Matilda IV Armor Changes in 9.16


27 thoughts on “AMX 50 Foch, 112, Matilda IV Armor Changes in 9.16

  1. A tier 8 HT with 250mm lower plate is a huge joke. Specialy since all 112 players use heat, and now you basicaly have a tenk with good armor, mobility, alpha and pen. What they should have done is to keep the armor the same and make the gun more comfortable, such as giving it standard apcr pen at 217mm. The 112 would still fulfill its role as a brawling HT despite the lower plate. All HTs have lower plates that can be penned by equal tiers HTs and some times even a tier lower so a weak lower plate on a HT is not an issue. The E100 also have a reasonable weak lower plate because all tenks it meets at tier 10 can pen it as well as all tier 9 HTs.


  2. It is stupid that WG buff premium tenks to the point where they become competitive towards the regular ones. Several premiums are as good or better then regular tier 8 tenks. And that is silly. Of course premiums are unbalanced because people shoot gold in them. And in this case 112 will become a seal clubber due to mobility, good frontal armor, high alpha and pen (since all use heat anyways).


      1. Well. I see that it has that shoebill like front now, but… it wasn’t looking like that in the old model, now was it? Or am I just stoopid?…


                  1. Nah, but nice find!
                    I just like to use expression from the past, this one was more common in the 50’s, you see.
                    I have a couple others up my sleeve, though!


  3. I have something interesting to say about those 112 changes.
    [audio src="" /]
    [audio src="" /]

    Just press on those and have fun.


  4. Really?…why did they nerf the armor on the tumor even more for the Foch tier 9?…jesus christ the people at wargaming yet again don’t understand that tank is in dire need of some buffs to the tumor not nerfs.


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