WoWS Q&A – 11th September 2016

Source: Babykim, EU

The Q&A by Vessery dated September 9

Q: Do the signal flags such as Victor Lima and India X-Ray increase the chance of setting fire with secondaries?
A: Currently, signal flags affect the main battery and bombs only. We plan to extend the bonus to secondaries in one of the next patches.

Q: The USS Flint will be gifted to players who took the first rank three times. It you continue gifting ships based on a series of ranks, than people who started late (before the announcement of such gifts) will always be behind.
A: Yes, but you still have the chance of getting the Flint for taking the first rank three times. Besides, we have to honor those who take first rank every season.

Q: The IJN Yubari has very limited torpedo arcs. Is this a deliberate nerf?
A: No. The 20 deg arcs are given by the actual location of the tubes on the hull.

Q: Does destroying modules on an enemy ship give you experience or credits?
A: No.

Q: If you repair a section of the ship whose hit points are depleted, will it take damage again?
A: Yes. You can repair 1/10 of damage to the citadel, 1/2 of of damage to the remaining parts, and any damage “to the red stripe”. For example, you receive 6k points of damage to the bow and 7k points of damage from fire and flooding “to the stripe”. One half of 6k and 7k can be repaired. The repair party active for 10 seconds, repairing 0.5k per second, will replenish 1.5k to the bow and 3.5k “to the stripe”. The bow can now take another 1.5k of damage.

Q: If a shell penetrates several armored plates, does the normalization and the 14.3 caliber rule apply to the first plate only.
A: Yes.

Interesting info from the NA (for changes), by a dev:



Our nearest plan is to balance CV economy (and make they earn more for air superiority and less for damaging ships). At the same time, overall game economy will change, as tanking and recon will be rewarded. If all goes well, it should come in 0.5.12.
Next things to consider is probably CV role and efficiency at low tiers and at the same time lack ov CVs on high tiers (which is actually bad for the game – as it also means lack of recon and less value for AA ships).

Future economic changes:

Service fees of Hosho and Langley have been raised from 500 to 2,000.
Repair costs of Zuiho and Bogue have been reduced from 13,000 to 12,000.
Repair costs of Ryujo and Independence have been reduced from 30,000 to 29,000.
Repair costs of Hiryu and Ranger have been reduced from 52,000 to 42,000.
Repair costs of Shokaku and Lexington have been reduced from 100,000 to 70,000.
Service fees of Taiho and Essex have been reduced from 70,000 to 60,000, meanwhile their repair costs have been reduced from 165,000 to 82,000.
Service fees of Hakuryu and Midway have been reduced from 100,000 to 90,000, their repair costs have been reduced from 260,000 to 140,000.
Minor cost tuning regarding carrier-borne aircraft refitting (±500 adjustments).


14 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – 11th September 2016

  1. So CVs will become fighter VS Fighters? Very funny, basically they want 2 guys play World of warplanes while the rest plays WoWs in the same match. Expecting to see even less CVs in the future if this happen

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  2. “Our nearest plan is to balance CV economy (and make they earn more for air superiority and less for damaging ships).”

    More “fuck you IJN players!” change, just the usual, move along.
    I don’t remember but did any IJN ship got a buff since release? Because I only saw direct and passive nerfs for them in every patch.

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    1. The IJN has received plenty of buffs, most notably the Furutaka, as well as most of the destroyers.

      The USN, on the other hand, has been on the receiving end of massive nerfs, particularly to carriers, and US ships regularly bottom out in damage, win rate, etc. compared to the other nations.

      So basically: quitchur bitchin’.

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    2. IJN CVs are vastly superior to USN ones right now. The actual problem with this change is that air superiority is completely useless towards winning a match and even having loadouts for it is a giant waste.

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  3. Because IJN have more paper ships and WG made ships, and everyone knows that never-exist ships are always stronger than existed ships. At least in Wargaming.


    1. Hmm…most IJN “paper ships” are either earlier or later variants of existing ships that were made (mogami/ibuki, Izumo/Yamato), or ships that were planned to be converted from other ships, like the amagi that was laid down, then before it was finished, started being converted to an aircraft carrier.

      Only the USN has less paper ships than the IJN, and probably not by much.


    2. Let’s have a run down shall we?
      Destroyers: Only thing that is remotely fake is the upgraded turret of the Mutsuki, which it never carried, or the Type F3 torpedoes, which only remained experimental , as well as some torpedoes/gun turrets variants which the ships in question never carried.
      Cruisers: The Ibuki was never completed, the Zao was proposed in Circle-6 Program and with matching armaments as the in-game one (though the in-game one is a what-if late war conversion with copied Bofors)
      Battleships: Myogi is one of the proposed Kongo designs (again, with more what-ifs), Amagi was never completed (what-if again) and Izumo was one of the Yamato design proposals
      Carriers: Hakuryu (Project G-15) is basically a stretched Taiho with more guns and dakka

      The thing is, most of the propsed or semi-completed IJN ships in the game are actually really well documented, so they are mostly stuck to what their original proposals were. (save for the high-tier AA and pagoda masts)

      No WG design bureau ships sadly.

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  4. While I agree with increasing rewards for killing aircraft, it should be only a slight increase. Air superiority on US CVs denies damage and general usefulness for both the enemy and yourself, while you are left only with the option to spot, which still has limited usefulness due to the relatively small number of squadrons. Rewards for doing damage should not be decreased in any way. What US CV really need are AP bombs, or anything to make them interesting to play and actually competitive against IJN CVs.
    Economy changes are good tho.


    1. Maybe USN fighters will have some light rockets to fight DDs – this will make them useful as scout/anti DD/AA. Just don’t let it start fire ;)


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