WoWS: Prinz Eugen Available on EU/NA

Text by VinylScraptch.

Without announcement the Eugen is here, all three packages mentioned before on the NA, but we have them all available right now.


the packages are a bit different than on NA:

SUPREME – 130.00 €

Prinz Eugen; 1 Port Slot; Exclusive Custom Flag; 18,500 Doubloons; 20,000,000 Credits; 30 Days Premium; Main Armament Modification 1;Aiming Systems Modification 1;Damage Control System Modification 1;Steering Gears Modification 2;Concealment System Modification 1;50×Damage Control Party II;50×Hydroacoustic Search II;50×Catapult Fighter II

ULTIMATE – 59.99 €

Prinz Eugen; 1 Port Slot; 7,150 Doubloons; 50×Equal Speed Charlie London Signals; 50×Zulu Hotel Signals.

STANDARD – 40.09 €

Prinz + slot

NA. Ship + slot – 50 dollars:



7 thoughts on “WoWS: Prinz Eugen Available on EU/NA

  1. This ship is for those who need to develop a Captain, the speciality is not in a different combat capability but it generates significantly more XP for your Captain, add some flags to it and the Prinz Eugen prints general XP, Capt XP and credits like no other vessel at the moment.
    So this is currently the differentiator,
    admittedly its not as fun compared to a special combat capability, but she is not that bad either.
    Also there is the likely rumour, that a second camo for her will be released, making her better in generating credits, so you could switch depending on your requirements. Though we’ll see if its wort the doubloons investing in it.
    I think its not such a bad thing ( its kind of the Löwe in WoT, average tank, but prints XP and money well)

    Nonetheless, personally I would have given her a small 1 heal consumable (+1 for Capt Skill), considering her historical luck in surviving the war, even a little bit more survivability than what WG has given her already, would have given her exactly that flavour of being the lucky Cruiser without overpowering her …

    my 2 cents

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    1. With the difference that the Löwe has awesome penetration and can make armor work, while the Prinz Eugen sees 90% T9 and T10 battles where she cannot close in and use german AP but has to sit back and spam weak HE. >.>
      In the current meta this ship is no real fun to play because you need to do smg to get credits and xp and you wont have that playing as lowest tier all the time in a fragile ship.


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