WoWS: Prinz Eugen Available on EU/NA

Text by VinylScraptch.
Without announcement the Eugen is here, all three packages mentioned before on the NA, but we have them all available right now.
the packages are a bit different than on NA:
SUPREME – 130.00 €
Prinz Eugen; 1 Port Slot; Exclusive Custom Flag; 18,500 Doubloons; 20,000,000 Credits; 30 Days Premium; Main Armament Modification 1;Aiming Systems Modification 1;Damage Control System Modification 1;Steering Gears Modification 2;Concealment System Modification 1;50×Damage Control Party II;50×Hydroacoustic Search II;50×Catapult Fighter II
ULTIMATE – 59.99 €
Prinz Eugen; 1 Port Slot; 7,150 Doubloons; 50×Equal Speed Charlie London Signals; 50×Zulu Hotel Signals.
STANDARD – 40.09 €
Prinz + slot
NA. Ship + slot – 50 dollars: