112 Armor Changes in 9.16

1st picture: old armor;
2nd picture: new armor;

Values written by SAITAM4 (EU):

130mm covers less of turret side (-30mm)
Side hull slope to hull floor is 49° (-6°;)

Armor behind mantlet is 240mm (+90mm)
Flat parts are turret front are thicker (+60mm, +35mm)
Mantlet is 250mm (+10mm)
Flat bits above and below mantlet removed
Turret roof is 55mm (+30mm) – no overmatching
Upper section of turret rear is 100mm (+40mm)
LFP is 140mm (+60mm ) – 200mm eff #crying is-6 drivers incoming
Upper hull side is 120mm (+40mm)
Hull side behind spaced armor and tracks is 100mm (+20mm)
Shape of hull behind spaced side armor matches 113 (Not IS-3 BS)
Front hull shoulder behind spaced armor is 230mm
Side hull slope to hull floor is 60mm (+10mm)
Cupola slope increased by 5°-10°

More pictures:


49 thoughts on “112 Armor Changes in 9.16

  1. Hope that turret top buff doesn’t mean that they are going to remove that weakspot from all the other tanks because there are tanks in which you have to use overmatch if you don’t want to spam gold. And there are times when even gold is bouncing, like IS-3 VS KV-5.


    1. I think this is a great change to differentiate it from the IS6. The 112 was supposed to have better frontal armor while the IS6 was idiot proof all around. Coupled with the 113 being the new IS7 , chinese heavy sales might go up a bit.


  2. Finally some justice! This thing was lacking way behind the sd IS6, and as of right now the 112 is a joke compared to the hd IS6. (have both tanks) Well deserved 112. 😀


  3. Hmm, WG heard people like making credits in their tier 8 premiums… Hah, no credits for ya, comrade, you are not going to pen anything after HD remodel!!!


    1. It’s not 225mm of effective, you can’t look at armor from such a close distance because it increases the angle, I’ll take some screencaps in a minute and show you.


  4. So, in both pictures I line up the gun to be rougly in the center of the mantlet and check the armor roughly in the middle of LFP.

    You can see that from normal firing distance the LFP is 35mm weaker – if you check the armor from close distance, it takes your POV as your gun position, so you’d have to be few metres from the IS-3 and have a lot of gun depression to shoot it’s LFP and thus the angle is increased.

    TLDR; if you are checking the armor always zoom out to get proper numbers.


    1. 112 cant shoot from long range , so mostly it will fight up close and personal . And it can angle the armor ang get way way higher numbers because no pike nose . Angle that safely and you will get 250mm+ on any part of the tank (exept turret weakspots which were also buffed ^^) #Keksimusmaximus


  5. Tanks that never was build, WG add tons of fake armor…Who carse right. Tiger 2, Caernarvon can sucks hard…fuck em.

    Lowe in HD did not get near as good buff to armor, and we all know how slow this tank is…this is abysmal.

    112 needed gun change, not uber armor buff, to make it broken. Better lfp then WZ 111 1-4, and 113…BRAVO WG

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    1. If we look it in a more optimistic way… Meaning armor buff incoming for WZ 111-4 and 113 after this (at least the 113, since it is very similar to the 112)


    2. i would of taken a gun upgrade for my 112 but the armour is so good now if I need more pen ill use gold shells this tank is so strong now lol 120 mm side armour no tier 8 can pen it now in a side scrape hahaha


  6. This is unreal… those who weren’t retarded already knew how to obliterate everything that came their way, using this tank.
    Now tanks like WZ-111/ T-34-1/2/3, IS-6 and everything else with bollocks gun will just have to turn around and not even try to pen this thing.

    Or they also have to buff other Chinese tanks like WZ’s, 113 and such.


  7. Why the fuck would the 113 and wz 114 need a armor buff anyways? Stupid plebs, no tenks need buffs, only is3 and E5 needs nerfs to bring it in order. And also remove gold ammo and BS accuracy that makes unaccurate tenks accurate, so people can play their roles. When the fuck so people even “go close and personal” these days when they all spam heat? They dont even need to get close or flank or track like in the old days.


  8. First everyone is complaining that the Chinese tanks are a pile of shit and bad copies of the Russian tanks. Then they don’t play the Chinese line. Years later the one premium tank considered to be the worst gets a well deserved buff.. And the children start crying. Fucking pathetic!

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  9. dont know if this is read, but i can personally confirm that the upgrades promised to the 112 in update 9.6 or 9.7 arnt true. is-6 penetrates me just as easily frontally.


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