Q&A – 10th September 2016

Thanks to Vlad for translating.
From Tanksman Day on Stalin Line by Murazor and Konstantin Soldatov.
– Anything regarding Polish branch?
– Looking at the information we have regarding Polish tanks from that period, they’ll unlikely to be released soon. They’d be repeating existing tanks, but we want each nation to have their own features.
– What about Czech HT’s?
– Can you name one? 🙂
– What about E15?
– What tank is this?
Maybe you mean the E10 with hydraulic suspension. So, first we’ll launch the Swedish branch with this feature and then, if everything goes well, we’ll add other vehicles.
– When will you do something about the Germans, they’re underpowered.
– You’re wrong, statistically they are quite healthy. E100 is an excellent tank.
– He probably means intermediate, not top tanks. We’ll handle this during global rebalance.
– When will the next Sandbox iteration come and will we see other tanks except top tiers and tier 8 LT?
– We’re currently working on the feedback and have no fixed date.
– Will there be new/interesting features? Any details on the iteration?
– I can say that the changes will be not as severe as last time.
– Murazor, how many subscribers did you lose after becoming a developer?
– Within expected bounds. Especially because I don’t have much time for the channel because of work.

– We’re currently getting profit from allies’ damage on tracked vehicles. Also, one can crit the enemy engine, but there is no profit for that.
– This situation is rare and unlikely to change in the near future. But thanks for the question, we’ll think about it.
– What about Japanese TD’s and SPG’s?
 – We have enough information on possible tanks of these branches, but they’re not a priority right now. The same applies to Chinese.
– Regarding magazines: Why can’t you implement that a drum can hold 1 HE, 2 AP and 2 APCR rounds?
– This is quite difficult to implement and some players would probably be very confused.
– In sandbox, arty recieved a new stun mechanic. Why do vehicles with higher calibres not have this function?
– This is a question of game balance, this will be the feature of artillery.
– I currently saw SPG’s in a video that have 14 rounds and 2min reload (most likely Swedish). WIll this be in the game?
– What for? From a balancing point of view, they will never get such characteristics, and if they get such reload times, it would fire one or maybe two drums in a match.
– Competitors launched rocket tanks. Will you answer in any fashion?
– Nope.
– Any change in gold ammo parameters? For example worse parameters for APCR rounds purchased for credits?
– No pay to win.
– Murazor, what exactly did you do regarding the Scorpion?
– Corrected several characteristics so that the tank is not lame, but at the same time not imbalanced.
– After gold ammo for credits, many tanks became obsolete. Specifically the KV-5 and SuperPershing. Getting penetrated by whoever wants.
– And that’s why the global rebalance is planned.
– The IS-7 is a pain. It seems to have decent armor, but the gun is abysmal.
– It will be changed as well, regarding the IS-7 I can say that it’s balancing will be done carefully since it’s owned by very many people.
– Features of top tier Swedes?
– TD’s will have the suspension, can’t say about the HT’s yet. I can only promise that the depression angles will be awesome.