WoWS – 6 New Flags in

Sorry for the late post on this matter, WG broke the extractor tool with this game version needed to extract files, and I had to find a fan-made fixed version.

This patch 6 new additional flags were added to the file, most of them I can identify.

First Flag –  Season 5 Ranked Battle Flag:


Second Flag – Prinz Eugen Special Exclusive Flag:


Third Flag – Unidentified WG… campfire flag?

Fourth Flag – Unidentified “hand in hand”(?) flag

Fifth Flag – WoWS 1 year anniversary flag:
WoWS 1 year aniversary flag.PNG


6th Flag – Haifuri Flag (Yes, Haifuri, the anime, this is the crest of the school the story revolves around in, dear god help us all)



8 thoughts on “WoWS – 6 New Flags in

  1. I am a big anime fan, by Haifuri is a pile of trash of an anime. It basically tried to replicate the formula to Girls und Panzer, and failed miserably. It has a terribly written plot, bland characters, etc.
    Decent animation on the boats.


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