Supertest: Sav m/43

Tier IV Swedish TD (regular)


Tier: 4
HP: 270
Engine: 162 hp
Weight: 12,435 t
Power-to-weight: 13,03 hp/t
Max speed: 43/-20 km/h
Hull traverse speed: 32 degrees/second
Turret traverse speed: 41,7 degrees/second
Terrain resistance values: 1,055/1,247/2,205
View range: 310 m
Radio range: 455 m
Hull armor: 50/15/? mm

Gun: 10,5 cm kan m/44 sav
Alpha Damage: 350/350/410
Penetration: 65/110/53 mm
Damage Per Minute: 2 281,3
Rate Of Fire: 6,518 rounds/minute
Reload time: 9,205 seconds
Accuracy: 0,537

Aiming time: 3,36 seconds

Armor Schematics:

More pictures:


6 thoughts on “Supertest: Sav m/43

  1. well this 10,5 gun is pretty bad.
    worse RoF from all 10,5 guns on tier 4.
    acc is as bad as the acc from the t40 and stug3b
    3,36 seconds of aim time is the worst of all the TD’s using 10,5cm but considering it will play like the Sturer its not really a factor.

    in resume, the 10,5cm is pretty bad by tier 4 TD’s standarts, but at least the gun depression is nice.
    let’s see how it will do in the game. the gun depression can pay for all the bad stats on the gun, or not. =P


  2. I wonder when will WG realize that big guns capable of one-shotting equal tiers are bad for the game, whether they are on arty or medium tank, on tier 4 or tier 10….


    1. the day they rebalance artys, because they will need to look in tanks like kv2, OI, and all the other derpers =P
      anyway is not that bad, just don’t play peek a boom with they, and you in theory should be fine, or stay at distance, ofc there are some crazy sniping derp shoots that happens because of RNG.


      1. Issue is RNG is the balancing factor here – penetration and accuracy. That’s not good for the game. You may not penetrate 10mm side armor of SPIC because tracks eat it. Or you may snipe someone on 500m despite terrible accuracy. Ofcourse this RNG applies to every tank but it is massively multiplied on big HE guns.
        They also negate armor completely, much more than gold ammo, you can’t angle against HE or go hulldown but nobody cares about that :)


        1. well, angling is still usefull against HE, as far as i know. sure, you will not achieve richochets against HE, but with higher angle, you can shift your effective armor to higher values, which can make the difference between a penetrating and disastrous HE-shot and a non-penetrating HE-shot, which might cause damage in the range of “normal” AP-guns of the tier, but with much lower RoF.

          yes, a KV-2 with the 152mm can do damage to almost all targets (though shots at at T-32-turret will not be effective, ranging down to even zero damage as well). but for a shot, which causes 300 HPs of damage to the front of an IS-3 he has to reload roughly 20 secconds, almost twice as long as the IS-3.


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