WoT Blitz: Update 3.1 – New Map: Yamato Harbor

Off-topic: Seb is back – without a dedicated GPU this time. At least I got a working computer, yay.


A new game update is about to be released, and with it comes a new battle arena! Update 3.1 features a new map – Yamato Harbor – the highlight of which is a port with a moored Japanese battleship.

Welcome Aboard!

On the Yamato Harbor map, it’s quite hard to ignore its main feature: the graceful Imperial battleship Yamato. The warship takes up about half of the map and serves as a great landmark for players. The ship’s sides have bridges that can be used to board the ship.

Encounter Mode Mini-map

Supremacy Mode Mini-map

The base in Encounter mode is located right on the ship!

Warehouses, cargo cranes, numerous containers and construction materials are located near the moorage. The industrial zone, together with the battleship, will be more suitable for heavy tanks and tank destroyers, as there are many bypasses and solid shelters for one-shot gameplay, as well as bridges for going hull down.

Enough Room to Go Wild!

Hills stretch out to the east of the port and are separated from it by a block of buildings. Light and medium tanks will be able to use the hills and troughs for cross-fire and, if they succeed, outflank the enemy and catch them off guard.

Very soon, you will be able to explore every bit of the port area, enjoy the view of the powerful Yamato, or simply take a tour across the landscape yourself. Meanwhile, we invite you to take a first look at the new map as seen from different angles.


15 thoughts on “WoT Blitz: Update 3.1 – New Map: Yamato Harbor

          1. Never heard about that brand to be honest. There is a possibility that the PSU is causing of your issues as bograd said it. Can you try your full config with another PSU which is made by a more popular and reliable company like Antec, Corsair, FSP, Seasonic, or XFX?


  1. I’m thinking if is is possible to fly off from the bow. Do a long run up from the AA guns and rush to the bow and jump off like the soviet aircraft carriers.

    (If a E-50/50M can do that, that’ll be great


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