Tier 7 Soviet Premium Destroyer Leningrad

Thanks to Urakaze for translating!

Source: http://bbs.ngacn.cc/read.php?tid=9776855&_ff=-46468

*The following stats are subject to change before it is released*

Tier 7 Soviet Destroyer


Ship HP: 15200
Armour: 16 mm
Max Speed: 43 knots
Rudder Shift Time: 3.7 seconds
Turning Circle Radius: 690 m
Surface Detectability: 7.6 km
Air Detectability: 4.3 km

Main Battery
130mm/50 B-13-IIs (5 x 1)
Range: 11.6 km
Max Dispersion: 102 m
Reload Time: 5 seconds
Turret Rotation Speed: 27.7 sec/180°
HE Ammo: HE 46
1600 Damage, 870 m/s velocity, 8% chance of fire
AP Ammo: SAP 46
2500 Damage, 870 m/s velocity

533mm 53-39 Mod.2 (2 x 4)
Damage: 15100
Speed: 60 knots
Range: 8 km
Reload: 92 seconds

76mm 81-K (1 x 2)
3 damage, 3.5 km range

37mm Flakzwilling 30 (1 x 2) [TN: Imported fascist weaponry))))]
3 damage, 3.5 km range

37mm 70-K (4 x 1)
23 damage, 3.2 km range

76mm 34-K (2 x 1)
4 damage, 3 km range

12.7mm DshK (4 x 1)
14 damage, 1.2 km range


5 thoughts on “Tier 7 Soviet Premium Destroyer Leningrad

    1. It’s going to be awful, as it lacks Gremyashchy’s powerful guns and stealth fire ability, as well as probably being unable to stealth torp.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 7.6km det, 8km torps, dropping to 6.9 with CE can easily stealth torps, and with AFT can also stealth fire for 1.5-2Km. good rudder shift and fast as fuck make it already better than the Kiev and very competitive with the Blyska wich is the best T7 DD.


  1. Man this will be good, can they just resell the Anshan again though, really want that 100% Free XP bounus.


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