Aimless Tank Gods – The Future

Hello readers,

As some of you have probably noticed, Aimless Tank Gods has not been much of a success so far. It has come to my attention that a considerable amount of you do not like the series and some people even view it as a failure. So, my question to all of you readers is: Would you rather see ATG stay or go?

While this poll is running ATG will be put on hold. I will work on other projects in the meantime, these projects will be focused around commentating as I’m still quite new to editing. Anyway, I will patiently await the results of this poll to see whether or not ATG has a future. Be it on YouTube or TAP.

With best regards,



11 thoughts on “Aimless Tank Gods – The Future

  1. as already commented, it’s not because the current series does not is pleasing to all, that it can not improve, after all, even the series most famous of WoT replays did not get their first episodes with big sucess, with every video is possible to you the progress in your editing ability, just keep listening and looking for suggestions from more experienced people, and the series will become a success.

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  2. I like stuff like this, however with so many people doing similar videos you’ll get lots of competition and I don’t see anything “spectacular” og interesting compared to other similar videos

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  3. Actually found the replays to be quite interesting. A few of the songs were funny (it’s raining men?!?) but a lot of what was supposed to be funny wasn’t. Decided I liked it better with the sound muted, and skipping through nonpertinent people or bands or whatever that was popping up.
    It’s like when you go into a restaurant to eat, and they have the music turned up, but it is rap and you are into bluegrass. TLDR; don’t be annoying.


  4. To be honest, the first one was funny, the second one was kinda lame (Except for the intro with the 704) but the third one (the newest one) revived it in my eyes because it was hilarious as hell… do them like you did #3, and you’ll have a success… god that was funny, how can a WZ-111 be that awful… uggggggggggh


  5. I do want to see more, and with better editing, of course, but quality only comes with great effort and even greater experience. So, keep them coming, I will keep sending the replays.
    Keep it up, Shady!


  6. Omg, its just a copy of other stupid videos on youtube.. why you must be like others? its cooL? nope… just do it other way, interest peoples with something new, not just editing stupid faces and stupid music for sake. do it more like hmmm reather than bluhahauhaah – then i will be like haha, and not like what the hell. :D say what?


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