Murazor Q&A – 21st August 2016

Thanks a lot to Vlad for translating!
– I was partaking in tuning the new Skorpion, the tank turned out interesting and unique. And we also have very few premiums who can tank;
– There will soon be another interesting German vehicle;
– I can’t say anything about Italian tanks;
 – Swedes will come before the end of the year, that’s no secret;
– Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger (tier 7) will come before the end of the year, but no fixed date yet;
– Skorpion wasn’t planned to be permanently sold in the beginning;
 – We’re currently working on in-game tutorials for players;
– I don’t know who thought of radio hissing on allies’ death, not my department;
– Rated game-modes? – There are some things which are being worked on;
– Panther 88 will be fixed, there are some problems with depression etc.;
– I won’t argue that Grille 15 is a bit OP;
– The TD SU-76I will not be sold anymore;
– The parameters of the AMX M4 mle 49 are currently being tuned;
– We’re actively working on the balancing (matchmaker);
– You’ll get info on the light tanks in the coming months, it’ll be very interesting;
– T-54 first prot. will also be fixed, since it’s more expensive than Mutz but not better in anything;
– The new mode was already leaked, there is a first iteration of wheeled vehicles, I played and liked them. The map is also beautiful. Overall, the mode is very creative;
– New marathons? – Not likely;
– There are good points about the personal missions which will also be in the future ones;
– Nobody wants to nerf tier 3-4 LT; (Seb: please gib old t-50 engine back)
– Kirovets-1 and Object 777 are postponed indefinitely;
 – FV215b will be replaced, its time will come;
– AMX 13 57 is kinda meh, should also be fixed;
 – No nerf of the new Skorpion is planned;
– There’s an idea to simply accelerate slower tanks, Slava Makarov talked about that;
– I agree that the VK 4502A is a problematic vehicle;
– The Lorraine replacement went smooth, the gameplay became more comfortable;
– Sixth Sense will certainly not be removed;
– Tier 5 premiums have problems and certainly have to be fixed;
– IS-6 is the best tanker on its tier, proven by statistics, but not as good as the M6A2E1, but that’s an unique tank;
 – The suspension of the Strv will be implemented;