Maxim Chuvalov gamescom Q&A

Thanks to Vlad for translating!
 – The main task in the new mode is to help the moving Mark I to cap the enemy base. You will control a wheeled vehicle – the “Lanchester” armored car;
– The game mode will incorporate many new gameplay elements;
– The armored car wheels will be destructible;
– The event will be cross-platform;
– The team composition will be smaller than 15vs15;
– The preparation for the 100 Years of Tanks event began quite long ago, at the end of last year. One can’t say that the mode is related to Battlefield 1. The development started before the announcement;
The Swedes are already getting material for an artillery branch, several MT and even light tanks. The nation has huge future potential;
– Sweden is unlike other nations, visually as well as gameplay-wise – it can be compared to the release of the French;
– Everything will depend on the suspension – a hydraulic one (tier 9-10, can be also implemented for 8);
 – There are currently several prototypes of the suspension mechanism;
 – If the players approve of this unusual mechanism, the implementation would be possible for other tanks (e.g. STB-1);
– Currently it’s a question of game-design vs balance which tanks recieve autoloaders and which don’t;
– Some Swedish TDs should have equal forward and reverse speed;
– We’re preparing to roll out the second iteration of Sandbox, we’ve pulled quite hard on the levers in the first one which most players didn’t like. It will start in the middle of autumn;
– We’re conducting huge work on the matchmaking. The main task is not to create imbalanced teams and not to annoy players. There might be tests in autumn, probably on the public test, but we currently don’t know for sure;
– In 9.16 there will be improvements of sound. More caliber diversity, more settings;
– The “Paris” map will have positional battles, but with variations for attack;
– “Stalingrad” is being reworked, the map is beautiful but has gameplay problems;
– We’re continuing to implement mod features: tank carousel and damage log will be next;
– There will be improvements in the visibility system – spotting, rendering. We’ll give more information in September. The changes are server- as well as client-side. Teleports will be removed;