Wargaming Game Center Update

Wargaming continues to test the Wargaming Game Center. A variety of new features was added, however, nothing is known about the release date.

Pictures (in Russian):



12 thoughts on “Wargaming Game Center Update

  1. I remember reading of this some time before, what was this all about?
    Also, what is the point of the new features if they are not accessible? This makes little sense to me.

    Offtopic: Shoutout for Eyegore for noticing me in a random battle!
    I know you are lurking somewhere around! :D

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh, neat! A different genre but fits the role perfectly!
            The first part reminds me of the theme song of The Last of Mohicans.
            The rest is something different, though…

            Makes me want to jump in and tear them to shreds!


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