WoWS Undocumented PT & Großer Kurfürst Changes on 12/8

Thanks to Urakaze for translating from Chinese.

Sources : (PT changes)

PT changes
Aside from the official patch notes, the following changes has been applied to the game in the 12/8 PT server update:
– French Battleship Dunkerque turret underside armour (note : not the turret barbette) has been buffed from 100mm to 150mm
– German Battleship Großer Kurfürst main battery HP buffed from 20000 to 40000
– New decorative flag added
Großer Kurfürst changes (Unknown server, leaked by CN server official Weixing)
-Großer Kurfürst HP buffed from 88000 to 105800
Detailed module changes :
Module Original HP New HP
Magazine 44000 52900
Propulsion system 88000 105800
Hull 66000 79400
Rudder 26400 31700
Superstructure 5500 6700
Casemate 14400 17400
Ship aft 2400 2900
Ship bow 4000 4800

7 thoughts on “WoWS Undocumented PT & Großer Kurfürst Changes on 12/8

  1. Grosse Wurst can use all the help it gets…
    It’s still fundamentally flawed, being a giant brick of a brawler with awful turret angles.

    It’s a shame about the Dunkerque though, as it has such disappointing accuracy on the live server testing.
    It went from an instant-buy to a “lol nope”

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  2. Wrong translation here, it is not “superstructure compartment”, but “casemate” indeed.

    Technically, it is a cuboid hitbox sitting in between mid-ship deck and citadel hitbox.

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  3. GK got nicely retouched, especially the turret hp buff. I’ve seen some in pubtest server and they often lose 1 or 2, sometimes even all turrets to focus fire.

    meanwhile FtG is still left in the dust.


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