Thunder Show – yes or no ?

The “Thunder Show” serie is currently the exception about War Thunder (since it has been decided a while ago that no more WT stuff would be posted). And since the blog keeps living thanks to you, all the readers, then your feedback is naturally important and fundamental :)

In this case, do you enjoy this serie ? Or do you dislike it ?

Vote below if they should still be posted or not. Each voice matters (and no men in blue or so will kidnap you if you vote for a particular answer, don’t worry), so feel free to give your opinion about that matter ! Readers have the Force too ;)


29 thoughts on “Thunder Show – yes or no ?

  1. I would have said yes if the content wasn’t always similar/unimpressive.

    But currently, it’s :
    Replay one : tank gets rammed
    Replay two : downed bomber shoots down a plane
    Replay three : lol random shot
    Replay four : slow mo artsy shots of a plane doing something mundane

    There are sometimes genuinely impressive replays, but on the whole? Bleh.

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  2. Well I can’t say I have ever even consider watching it, but I still has an opinion, which is, as I expressed vie the poll, that it should not be posted here.
    I mean seriously, who cares about WT? We are here for stuff about WoT, and then maybe a few other things, but not WT!

    Before anyone would find the mood to bug me off, this is MY OPINION and you all have your right to it! I’m not representing anyone here, but myself and only myself.
    I’m sick and tired of self-rigtheous pricks picking on me for having an own thought and opinion of something…

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      1. it’s funny that you bring up “cheat” because it was Gaijin who threatned a youtuber for exposing an hacker on a issue they were “already aware of”, I don’t know about you but to me a company who defends those who hack their own game and go as far as say “YOU AREN’T ALLOWED TO EXPOSE HACKERS/CHEATS IN WT” does not deserve any respect from anyone, even from those that like myself put up with the many things wrong with WT (bias, greed, general inbalance, lack of attention to certain trees and/or community sometimes as result of even more greed, etc…) because we can still, sometimes, enjoy the game

        a game company who’s willing to turn back on the decision of removing overhead markers on realistic and simulator battles (wich was hugely requested by the community and finally added after many years) just to accomodate the few hundreads or thousands of cheaters CAN NOT BE RESPECTED
        that’s just helping the lazy a** f**kers who can’t bother to look around when there’s already a indicator that pops up in the map when someone else fires at that enemy, even in WoT those markers don’t appear if no one spots the enemy

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          1. so first you defend WT over WoT and shortly after you badmouth WT? with all due respect but, are you right in the head?


            1. First is called sarcasm, but since you missed it – both statements were true for you.
              Welcome to the internetz – but probably welcome to life.


  3. Is that the one where someting neat happens and then it’s replayed few times while some dork keeps yapping about how cool it was while throwing in some of the lamest jokes ever thought up by a man?

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  4. I voted “no” for a “simple” reason and that is because they ceated this videos to make it look like WT is the perfect game wich is clearly not the case
    I could spend hours writing about what is turning WT from a fun enjoyable casual game to a deception of what kind of game it had potential to become
    major issues:
    greed, russian bias, overall inbalance, mistreated community, cheaters and their stance on them and of course the lack of attention/bad work on some tech trees

    PS: this is one of the things I have recently hated Gaijin for, they recently “updated” their forums by simply deleting everything and even long running discussion topics that had been “pinned” by their forum moderators and became unofficial discussion threads in the forum
    2 of those included a international tech tree project and a italian-hungarian tech tree project, wich led to the guys leading the ITT project simply droping it since they realized they wouldn’t be able to work it out with gaijin
    of course they haven’t simply lost all the things they had gathered during the whole time the thread was active because they were serious about it and stil have all their material, but it did delete other players participations on it as well as the up votes that do casue a topic to be more relevant in a forum (search results, community staff attention and other stuff)

    there’s plenty of reasons to dislike gaijin and how WT is turning out with each patch and it might reach a day where only the russian playerbase will be happy with the game

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      1. are you sure there’s german bias? for a long time there were many things wrong with german tanks in the game, one of the most obvious issues was how german guns would get destroyed everytime on higher BRs and as far as I remember the IS-4M and T-54 were the single most OP tanks in the game when they were top “tier” in the game (first the IS-4M when ground forces were introduced, wich was “odd” how the soviets had post war tanks like IS-3 and IS-4M to fight Tiger IIs on a game claiming to be “realistic”, and later the T-54 that dominated high BR battles even against heavy tanks)

        then there’s the soviet magical ammo that no matter what will always detonate ammo inside tanks from other nations while I’ve seen soviet shells being directly hit many times, sometimes even 2 or 3 times in a row, and not detonate

        I will give you an example of the russian bias, when the introduction of US tanks was close they released a bundle with a lend-lease M4 for the soviet tech tree and at it’s BR and back then you could dominate a match with that tank, after the introduction of the US tanks their own original M4s couldn’t do the same

        of course there have been some OP vehicles on other nations (like recently the LVT and B-18 Bolo for the US and the even more recent Ki-100 for Japan) but compared to the amount of soviet OP vehicles I would say the ratio is about 1:5 or 1:6

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        1. Oh come on, German tanks from tier 1 to 4 are just as faceroll easy as Russians. You want to win easily? Get a Tiger 1, Panther D and Ostwind combo. Want to fight at a higher BR? Get the JT, KT (H) and the Kubelscrubwagon. Even at tier5, you get the currently best top BR tank, the Leo1. Just enough armor angle to troll-bounce even the biggest guns.

          But while the Germans are consistently good/great, the Russians are overall not as good, with some ridiculously OP spikes. Enter the T-34 1942 and T-34 STZ. GG easy win. IS-2 on BR 6.0 with a nuke gun with 200mm pen and HE that can set fire to a tank by slamming into the frontal turret.

          But none of this changes the real problem with this game : the core mechanics don’t work.

          I played two matches in the past few months, each match following a major patch.

          First battle, I bounced a capped AP shell on the soft sheet metal of an exhaust pipe. Perfect rear shot to a KT, but the exhaust pipe made my high caliber shell ricochet before even hitting the actual rear amor plate.

          Second battle, a few weeks ago, I ricoched on the LFP of a Pershing with a capped 122mm AP shell. How is that impressive you ask?
          Well for one, I was dead on with no angle at 100m
          Secondly, that effective armor is no more than 120mm
          Lastly, and most impressively, my shell bounced back in my general direction.
          That massive 122mm shell did a fucking 180 degree flip while hitting a lightly angled surface.

          Gaijin can’t even get core armor interactions working properly, but oh, they keep tacking on new tanks, a good third of them being premiums. And generally premiums that are better than their regular counterparts.
          5/7 dankest gaming company ever.


    1. Hold on, you said Hungarian tech tree?
      But jokes aside, if they can collect valuable data, so can WG, something should happen…

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      1. Sgt_Zephyr it’s a mixed Italian-Hungarian tech tree proposal but the way WG and WT add vehicles is a lot different and many of the vehicles proposed by them for WT would be put as a single vehicle (or maybe 2) with their main differences as upgrade options in WoT
        it had a decent amount of vehicles but those also included AA vehicles and wheeled vehicles and right now WG isn’t planning to add wheeled vehicles and AA vehicles would generaly only be effective up to tier 4 (or maybe only tier 3) due to their guns, but some of their other specs would put them at higher tiers

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  5. Went with “no”, simply because I don’t really care about the content of the videos. If anything news about the game would be something, but since people don’t want that either I don’t see why we would still see some Gaijin created replay compilation video without anything informative.

    Either way it’s not a big deal since scrolling past a post is pretty simple if you’re not interested in the topic.

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  6. i personally never watched it because i just gave up caring about war thunder a few years back but id say if the dont cares and yes answers add up to more than the nos then you should probably keep it because its not really doing any harm unless you think giving gaijin any form of publicity is bad which is totally understandable honestly because as a company their about as useful as a ripped condom.

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