Next-Gen Map Video & Minimap


9 thoughts on “Next-Gen Map Video & Minimap

  1. Are they actually cereal about the middle banana-like area? :O You can barely fit one tank there. That is some next-gen corridor.
    Also it looks like west spawn has the ability to drive/boost up to the middle road, hard to tell because it’s very dark but if that’s the case I change my opinion, that spawn has an advantage not south.


  2. the only viable place the heavys can go, is so small, that most of the heavys won’t even pass there (sumo tanks come in mind), the south spawn got half the map covered from base what is a huge unfair advantage, and if you even try to push you will be destroyed since most of the places to move to the enemy base are in the open, so yeah next gen camping map, because you have better chances to win if you stay at base than trying to do anything in this map =P


  3. This makes me really wonder, they said they invited old map makers back, they were supposed to make good maps, no?
    This one looks like a whole load of bullshit. -_-

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  4. This map is absolutely useless.

    1st: It looks like it’s 800x800m max.
    2nd: There is one ONE way from one base to the other. That way can be shot from every place of the map –> suicide to go there –> camping
    3rd: If you cross the bridges to the fighting zone (north-east), you will instantly get spotted. Especially, if you are driving a slow tank like an E100 or a Maus. –>suicide again –> camping again
    4th: If a scout manages to get into the middle, your arty is 100% dead.
    5th: No counterarty possible, because the bases are to close and there is that hill in between (tanks like the FV304 not included).
    6th: Arty in general will be useless, if no one moves out of the base.

    That map is full of mistakes. Never seen such a dumb map.


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