Free Plane for WoWP (All Servers)

All offers and missions will be available
from 1 August at 07:00 until 5 August at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).


Earn the Blériot-SPAD S.510

Mission Restrictions Reward(s)

Wargaming Turns 18

Win 18 battles.

  • Once per account
Blériot-SPAD S.510 + slot

Happy Anniversary 1

Gain 15 superiority points in one battle.

  • Repeatable

Happy Anniversary 2

Complete “Happy Anniversary 1” 10 times.

  • Once per account
1 DayPremium Acct.

Thank You Pilots!

Win a battle.

  •  Once per account
5x First Aid Kit
5x Auto. Restarter
5x Auto. Fire Extinguisher

20 thoughts on “Free Plane for WoWP (All Servers)

  1. I would recommend anyone that is good at WoWP and can guarantee you can get fast the 1 day premium to get it day 5 if you have time to complete it before it ends, or to get it day 4 by the night since its 24hrs, I say this because day 5 if I remember well its the x5 event of WoT anniversary.

    So 1day premium + x5 exp + personal reserves = profit profit profit.

    But ofc you need to guarantee yourself you can make it =P

    And about the French plane getting 18 victory’s is harder than 1 kill per match, so you gotta be pretty good if you wanna use this strategy =P

    Just a tip.

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    1. I just played yesterday night and I already have 11 victories. Not that hard. And I am a very noob in WOWP (in WOT I’m just bad lol). And the free xp is very good; I received 240 free xp in a single match.It is a good opportunity to increase your free xp in WOT without any damage to your stats. I started playing WOWP cause of this, but now I began to enjoy the game.


    1. Who still plays? Well, I play, more two or three guys and another bunch of bots. No more than that. lol. And when these three guys do not show up and I play only with bots, then I won a mountain of free xp and a lot of medals. In one of those games, I killed nine: Gorovets Medal.


      1. well he is right since WoT and WoWP share gold, free exp, premium time, etc, and you get tokens for medals you get, that you can spend in prem time, you can sort of exploit playing the game to boost your WoT progress, but high tier matchs are time demanding at least the last time I played I got like 3 hours for 10 wins, then I switched to tier 2 and in 1 hour i got 30 wins and plenty of medals.

        the game is not that bad, it’s just dead, so it’s not worth to invest playing it unless you have your WoT account progress boost in mind.


      2. You can also get bithdays for the planes and get free exp for those.. I just 12k freed exp for just playing for 4 planes…


        1. lol. You’re right dude. It would be great if all the players were real people, not bots. But still, the game is cool – IMO. Nowadays I play mainly WOT, which is my real addiction. Second, WOWP, and third comes WOWs. Although it has real players, I think WOWs too slow — almost boring. And, apart from the world of games, my favorite subject in this area is exactly warships.


          1. :) hmm, you know what? I might just give those planes a third go. I remember I tried to install the game last year, but the client kept crashing on me and couldn’t play one single match. If that happens again, I’ll bury it for good. But I love tanks too much to cheat on them for too long :P .


            1. You have nothing to lose, pal; It is a free game. Follow the Japanese line, the aircrafts have great maneuverability and they are very fun (even the T1 – the Type 91). :)


  2. Tried it, somehow they made damage even less satisfying.
    Looked at 18 win in 3 days mission, looked at my 3 defeats in a row.

    There goes my chances at the baguette plane!


      1. The problem aren’t the bots, but the people who’ve been playing this game for years (for some reason) and crush at this game.

        I fled back down to tier1-3, and had fun. But tier6-7? It’s garbage.

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        1. yeah high tier gameplay is pretty bad in WoWP, but the lower tier gameplay is pretty fun, you even get to shoot rockets in the face of enemy planes.

          i don’t tried it again yet, but last time i played i managed to get 2/3 humans matchs, the only problem they were fighting in full equipped planes with 100% crew with alot of skills vs my 50% crew because i never dedicated to the game so yeah you get more fun in lower tiers it is more “fair”.

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