ATG – Episode 2

Hey folks, just wanted to notify you that ATG episode 2 is out for all of you to see. I have drastically changed my editing style in order to improve the overall quality. However, I keep finding myself with a shortage of good RNG replays. So please, if you see anything abnormal, hilarious or simply incredible; please send the replay to

Thanks for your time, and enjoy.

ShadyRush out.


12 thoughts on “ATG – Episode 2

  1. I gotta say that I did not know that arty shells were able to do these sharp curves to get at their targets, the shells must be made of magnets.


  2. Eyyy, I’m in again, with dat revenge, hehehe.
    Too bad lately I get no RNG worthy battles and have less time to play…
    I will pay more attention. The series needs more good stuff!

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