Polish Insider News

Remember. This is not our insider (but rykoszet’s). I cannot vouch for all this information. Take these insider news with a small grain of salt until we get our own (a man can dream).

-French HT branch will be reactivated, together with a tier X LT branch.

-A new British line is being in development (rumors say that most likely heavy);

-„Recruitment program” award tank T95E2 got a slight buff after the transition to HD.

-Polish tech tree will probably be moved to 2018 – unless the community or the people writing to WG will find tier VIII-X tanks that were only „Polish produced/designed”. Only then it would be achievable for 2017. WG is really trying to create a Polish branch – but in the case of this tree it is difficult to satisfy the players and create something that will not be „science fiction” It is nonsense to create another set of clones, but in the case of the Polish tree, the tiers VII to X are at this moment only clones from Mother Russia. The projects found so far are making the tree bizarre nevertheless (apparently the tree would be more shameful that even the Chinese one, with mashed up tanks from all categories: LT, TD, etc in order to assure Polish tanks for all tiers – but WG did not agree to make something like this).

-Swedish tree will be very unique, it will be characterized by mobility and huge depression values.

-WG is planning to introduce a lot of new maps.

– Marketing Department has plans to introduce new unique premium tanks: KV-4 KTTS, Pz. Kpfw. III Ausf. K, AMX M4 mle. 49 and Rheinmetall Skorpion G.


22 thoughts on “Polish Insider News

  1. “-French HT branch will be reactivated, together with a tier X LT branch.”

    If this is true they should make the other scout lines up to tier X too like they did with the TDs and Mediums a long time ago.

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  2. – Marketing Department has plans to introduce new unique premium tanks: KV-4 KTTS, Pz. Kpfw. III Ausf. K, AMX M4 mle. 49 and Rheinmetall Skorpion G.

    Pls not M4 49 “viva la fance” camo like FCM 50t on console.

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      1. I think they’re talking about EU server, which hasn’t had the Pz 3 K yet. Note how the Skorpion specifically says ‘G’, but none of the other mentioned tanks have anything added to their name.


    1. At some extent, even the Czech line and the American line got this.
      I think they probably wanted to say that the TDs, Artys, Scouts, Heavys and Lights will have all that in similar? =P

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    2. Japanese tanks have characteristically bad accuracy however, i doubt that will be the case of Swedish vehicals. I expect another characterstic is that they will have some of the best camo values tier for tier due to swedish tanks normally being tiny. However will likely have the lowest hitpoints and for sure will have poor armor.

      Staying alive in them will likely require mastering the art of working ridgelines and staying the hell away from close quarters combat if they can avoid it.

      I look foward to them coming into the game myself.


    3. they didn’t say “gun depresion”, it might be “player depresion” :-) and I wouldn’t be surprised if its true, since tier X will most likely not have a turret and its horizontal gun traverse arc will be nonexistent (or “depresing” :-P )


  3. I don’t understand one thing – if someone will share projects for tier 8-10 they’ll release tech tree in 2017, but if nobody will they’ll release it in 2018. How the f*ck they are going to get 8-10 then?

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      1. Well you are dick. From where you are ?

        Point of WG policy is, why they still saying Polish Tree will be, for 5 years. EU tree was hope, but no…If there is no tank to build tech tree, WHY WG can’t say it, there won’t be any, case close, all can do home.


    1. I think what they mean is that they need help with finding suitable candidates for the tree as they don’t want to have to clone the equivalent russian tier 8 to 10 tanks and that they are willing to wait until 2018.


      1. Then they’ll wait for 6 years. If nobody found anything for 4 years, what’s the point of waiting another 2 and still teasing?


  4. -WG is planning to introduce a lot of new maps.

    There is a distinct difference between planning to… and actually doing it. WG keeps failing on that last aspect. Despite numerous and a years long feedback from players (which they would be listing to by their own acount) asking, even begging to address current and add more maps.

    WG get of your high horse and start delivering instead of only dangling the carrot in front of us.

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    1. But the number of maps isn’t a problem. Rotation and quality of them is. Not counting variations on the same map, there are currently 33 maps in high tier rotation (2 exclusive to lower tiers – mittengard+widepark, Ghost Town as e-sports exclusive), that is plenty if you ask me, especially if you consider different modes that can significantly change gameplay on some (Sand River assault, Himmels encounter, Karelia assault, Siegfried line both assault and encounter, Malinovka encounter, Ensk encounter) and make it atleast a bit different on others.

      Issue is, like I said, when you consider rotation – when playing 15-20 games you’ll probably only see 5-6 different maps on average, and quality of the maps – lots of them are just bad and combine that with lots of arty, playing tank unsuitable to maps in rotation.

      So yeah, fix map rotation, i.e. get rid of potato servers and then fix current maps, those that are still bad delete and add new.


      1. Indeed, fixing the rotation should be more importance than it is now.

        In my opinion, the nr of maps were not a problem a year ago. Currently though it has partially become a problem as well. After quite a few, around 8, were taken out by WG.
        The map pool got smaller and combine that with the atrocious rotation…. so I half agree with you on it ;)

        To me the current variety in the nr of maps available is boring the hell out of me and that comes besides that atrocious rotation as well. Which just add insult to injury.
        I even get bored of that while watching Circon or Foch on Twitch, so go figure xD

        Also, it would suite WG if they would add more tier ceilings to more maps (mines, himmelsdorf etc). Some of these have imo no place in tier 8+. This could give room to add some higher tier content more suited to the play styles in those higher tiers.


  5. TierX LT, new (full?) French heavy branch, and Brit (full?) heavy branch with (probably) the Chieftain at tierX?


  6. -„Recruitment program” award tank T95E2 got a slight buff after the transition to HD.

    to clarify what this is, they made the hole in the mantlet smaller to fit the model, instead of havign a 0 armor hole where the mantlet overlaps the turret itself.

    buuuuuut. the tank still has the highest repair cost of any tier 8.
    and the worse credit income multiplier (and thus worst credit income)

    sooooooooo. buff or not your still paying to play. aka not benefiting from playing it at all.

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  7. Still waiting for the second US med line…lots of candidates for like tier 7-10, French heavy line can wait and tier 10 lights could come as long as arty (there is no need to be upset) gets a hp buff, 550 max hp for any arty in game is gonna be more painful when you have to deal with any tier 7 or 8 light, imagine your chances with tier 9 and 10 ones.


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