Polish Insider News

Remember. This is not our insider (but rykoszet’s). I cannot vouch for all this information. Take these insider news with a small grain of salt until we get our own (a man can dream).

-French HT branch will be reactivated, together with a tier X LT branch.

-A new British line is being in development (rumors say that most likely heavy);

-„Recruitment program” award tank T95E2 got a slight buff after the transition to HD.

-Polish tech tree will probably be moved to 2018 – unless the community or the people writing to WG will find tier VIII-X tanks that were only „Polish produced/designed”. Only then it would be achievable for 2017. WG is really trying to create a Polish branch – but in the case of this tree it is difficult to satisfy the players and create something that will not be „science fiction” It is nonsense to create another set of clones, but in the case of the Polish tree, the tiers VII to X are at this moment only clones from Mother Russia. The projects found so far are making the tree bizarre nevertheless (apparently the tree would be more shameful that even the Chinese one, with mashed up tanks from all categories: LT, TD, etc in order to assure Polish tanks for all tiers – but WG did not agree to make something like this).

-Swedish tree will be very unique, it will be characterized by mobility and huge depression values.

-WG is planning to introduce a lot of new maps.

– Marketing Department has plans to introduce new unique premium tanks: KV-4 KTTS, Pz. Kpfw. III Ausf. K, AMX M4 mle. 49 and Rheinmetall Skorpion G.