M114 Pictures

I took a couple of photos of this Vietnam War era scout/APC when I came back from vacation. If anyone lives in Alabama and wants to see this vehicle, it is located in Eufaula, Alabama. This M114 is an early production variant because of the lack of a .50 cal machine gun and the lack of a Hispano-Suiza 20mm. It was in service from 1962 to 1973 and mainly used in the Vietnam War. A total of 600 vehicles were produced until it was completely phased out by the M113 APC. Sadly, the rear hatch is locked and the front engine hatch is welded shut which made it harder for me to measure the thickness.

I’ve tried to take armor measurements, but what I measured is different than other sources. The welds most likely altered my measurements.

Armor thickness (according to R.P. Hunnicutt)

UFP: 32mm    LPF: 44mm    Side: 32mm    Lower Side: 19mm    Rear: 32mm



8 thoughts on “M114 Pictures

  1. Well it looks neat, but just like about any other tanks and AFVs that are not in active service duty, it is demilitarized, therefore, useless.
    Such disappointment, much sadness, wow…


      1. You obviously misinterpreted the things i said.
        When I said ‘no use’ I meant ‘inability to murder’.
        Get it now? :P


          1. Well deeduly-doo, have you ever seen a car hit someone before? Did you ever hear of that?
            I can run over 80 people in a truck before being killed by the police and I don’t need a tank for that!
            Yes, I’m referencing that yet another terrorist attack, in Nice, France.


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