Krasny Krym Available on NA

Ship and slot, 16 $.


6 thoughts on “Krasny Krym Available on NA

  1. been playing it on asia for a week or so, its the worst ship i have ever seen lol! id love to reead a guide or see a vid to prove me wrong, but WOW. 29 knots top speed. detection range same as its gun range (13km). torps 3.7km. if i am playing this wrong and its a hidden gem, pls someone feel free to call me a noob and teach me!

    that said, id buy it again haha! *gotta have em all*

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    1. To make this ship work you will need: Basic Firing Training, Expert Marksman and Advanced firing training, after this enjoy lobbing 8 130mm HE shells at targets 16km away every 8 seconds :)


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