Tokyo Warfare – Release Trailer

When you mix AW with a good bit of Girls und Panzer… this happens (it looks promising though):

Last time I posted about this around December last year.

The game will be available on Steam beginning with September 2016. It will come in English too.

System requirements (minimum):
OS: Windows 7
Processor: i5 6500
Video card: GTX 560
DirectX 11
Space: 3000 MB

Description from Steam (link to page here):

Tokyo Warfare aims to bring back the essence of arcade saloon games of the late 90s by getting its inspiration in an arcade classic and supercharging it with nowadays technical wonders.

Find yourself arcade battling in real life locations of Japan in a multitone rolling beast. Choose between Japan Defence Force and the invading Red Star forces and engage in battle in fully destroyable anime flavored environments.

Destroy buildings, street furniture and structures while you find your next prey. Disable enemy tank components like cannons, turrets, and traction systems and leave them in the middle of the battlefield ready to get their blow of mercy.


28 thoughts on “Tokyo Warfare – Release Trailer

  1. “Choose between >>Japan Defence Force<>Red Star<< forces and engage in battle in fully destroyable anime flavored environments."

    Uh oh, Tokyo launched a direct challenge to Russian WoT =P

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      1. What’s wrong with armor models?

        Other than the fact that they generally have holes in them?
        Challenger 1 being HE spammed by low caliber autocannons and being set on fire springs to mind.
        Merkava having a huge hole in the frontal armor does too.

        Let’s not forget the fact that they’re so ridiculous, that tier9-10 MBTs just spam HE at each other for reliable damage, rather than pixel hunting for a tiny weakspot.

        As for hit detection, their servers suck, they have a stupid fucking shot delay, and there are desyncs between the client and server.
        Which is why you’re able to fire at a fast target at point blank range with a shell that goes 1500m/s, and still need to give it an entire vehicle’s length as lead.


        1. So….its not armor model but HE mechanic fault? (discount Merkava – it was really a bug)
          So….its not hit detection but server lag?

          WoT Ghost Shells ARE hit detection bug. Because engine works on a guess.
          CryEngine doesnt work on a guess – therefore it cannot have ghosts shells. But it did had ghost tanks xD

          TL;DR – what you blame works fine and you do not understand that.


          1. Yeah no, that Challenger bit is a 0 armor zone behind the tracks gg

            And it’s not just server lag when it’s forced shot delay.
            As for what is hit detection or not, here’s a simple run-down : if I click on a target, and give the appropriate lead, but the shell still lands way behind, no matter what the culprit is, it’s a matter of hit detection. You can argue all you want, but you’ll just get in a semantics strawman argument about what is what, when the reality of it is that the server/client interation sucks.

            Also, AW can have ghost shells, just not in the same manner.

            TL;DR – AW is a mess of client/server communication


            1. Hit detection works fine – its the lag if your shells land fuck knows in what tundra.
              So you dont know what is broken in AW :D

              Dunno about models – pixelhunting is real.

              “TL;DR – AW is a mess”
              Fixed it for you xD


  2. System requirements (minimum):
    OS: Windows 7
    Processor: i5 6500
    Video card: GTX 560
    DirectX 11
    Space: 3000 MB

    welp sorry russians. it looks like only 40% of you can play according to WG’s “Studies”

    you know…the studies that over 50% of russian players don’t meet WoT’s minimum reqs….
    you know..the reason WG won’t give us some of the more….exciting changes that console has….like weather <.<

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      1. That shit is so unoptimised :D
        Unless it has Godzilla-Superman-Bay-Avatar-StarWars-Independance Day efffects – its bullshit.


  3. We’ve been through WoT. We’ve been through WT. We’ve been through AW. I doubt this is going to be any worse. I only wish it wasn’t anime themed, at least not this girly fetish crap, but i can deal with it if it’s actually fun.

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