WoWS – 1:42 Scale : Z-32


6 thoughts on “WoWS – 1:42 Scale : Z-32

    1. Fairly similar to the russians. Large caliber guns, relatively big ships. I do suppose they`re generally going to have better ranged torpedoes, but less top speed.


    2. Much bigger guns. 150mm`s in fact. The same ones from Nurnberg. This should be fun seeing ad you really could Cit cruiers from 10km away and even pen BB`s upper armor meaning huge 1/3 salvos from guns with 5k potential DMG. Big potential. anf


  1. Cool, I would call this, the teasing for the German Destroyer Tree starts! :)

    Personally I feel that one characteristic of the German Destroyers, for the first part of the tree, could be
    the optional individual firing of the Torps, instead of “all at once”, which would allow for other tactics as well as honour more player skills (which is one of the topics WG is trying to achieve in WoWs)
    The first German Destroyers were actually more like large “Torpedoboats” and far smaller than their other nations counterparts (see also Versailler treaty) and not really well suited to a real DD role. (They were not even called that way in the beginning)
    Only later designs became main batteries with a lot more punch to counter Torpedoboats, other DDs or even light Cruisers, yet they than lacked a high enough rate of fire…

    my 2 cents
    we will see :)


    1. Since I’m not that knowledgeable at German destroyers , are the “large torpedoboats” that you are describing similar to the Wakatake-class (Would be a lot easier to imagine their capabilities that way, being the massive IJN buff that I am)


  2. I really wish they would consider the seemines. Limited amount of mines and detectability of 250m. Magnetic or Impact. That would give the game a new tactical variety.


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