WoWS: Scharnhorst Gameplay


6 thoughts on “WoWS: Scharnhorst Gameplay

  1. lol at the people in the match going completely nuts over the fact that a BB has torpedoes.

    They must have forgotten that the Tirpitz (ie: the most played premium) has the same exact torpedoes :^)

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  2. Dat dispersion on the main guns :O start looking at 3min10. They deviate a HELL LOT from each others and even cross their paths. I expect Mikasa kind of accuracy. However he reload in 20 seconds and the turrets turn quite fast for a BB, also the ship seems to have an excellent manoeuvrability.


  3. That main gun accuracy is kinda sad . Such german?engineering …
    That traverse and reload means that it can eat cruisers for breakfast lunch And Dinner.
    All in all it seems it has a hard time being effective at long range.

    Its armor layout seems to be not fucking around though. It seems well placed to take a pounding until it gets into that looooong secondary range. By then the main gun accuracy is not a problem and the DPM piles up.
    Throw in some torpedo flooding and you have a nice little DoT cake

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