Aimbot: It’s Magic!

Someone sent me this replay, so… here’s a video (made by ShadyRush) with it:

Note: I’m posting this to bring WG’s attention to this issue (cause of course, some of them read TAP). I know: naming and shaming, my blog is evil, but I could not resist posting this. By the way, the player was already reported by the person who sent me the replay.

Don’t do aimbots.



42 thoughts on “Aimbot: It’s Magic!

  1. Ya i notice an increasment in use of aimbots on the live servers, to many people snap shotting with 100% accuracy. Just abasurd, is3 dont have to aim, other tank i know that have long aiming time just shot after shot hit target, ya sure.

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    1. Uh….you dont know how aimbot works, do you? :D

      Lemme break it down for you:
      What you said is luck/RNG/Cheesus – call it what you will. Not aimbot.

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      1. I have seen i know how it works, its just auto aim but its scipted aim trigger able to lead targets on the move and choosing automatic weakspots. Hows the douch know. Fuck RNG nothing rng involved here just stupid hackers

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        1. Aim bot’s only aim. They can’t alter RNG as in the shell path going center each time, towards the weak spot each time, towards the module each time or even on the ground on the edge of the sights…. They simply snap to the target. RNG is still in play. So if some one hits you on the move each time or when snapping. That’s RNG.


          1. There’s something you have not taken into consideration, and I notice a lot of people do the same.
            No, aimbots do not alter RNG. However, when doing things like leading shots on moving targets, an aimbot is much smoother than a human hand moving the mouse, meaning bloom spikes are lessened, effectively making the aimbot more accurate than a player.
            Of course once the shot is fired you still have the usual RNG, but the aimbot lessens the effect.


          2. Also, the aimbot can more accurately calculate the lead needed than a human being.
            The mod looks at the exact speed of the target and the travel time of your shell, and works out the lead accordingly, far quicker and more accurately than a human being can.

            If you think a well coded aimbot has no advantage over a very good player, you are wrong.

            What makes the difference is positioning. You can use the best aimbot available and do little damage if you don’t know how and where to position your tank, where to move to in order to get better shots at your target. That’s where good players have an advantage.
            Now, imagine a very good player, with good map awareness and positioning using a very well coded aimbot… THOSE are the ones you sometimes see replays of with 8-10k damage.


              1. This isn’t the only aimbot around… There are a lot of them.
                There are very well coded ones, some you even have to pay real money for, those are the ones that are very effective when used by a good player.

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                1. Then you’re right :D I have yet to see it for myself though.
                  Good players also know good positions, the only real disadvantage is for the normal aiming plebs among us that get “outplayed” by the aimbot, rip boys.


    2. IS3’s don’t have to aim because: extremely low dispersion on turret rotation (0.08). Where most tier 8 heavies have 0.16>0.12 dispersion on turret rotation. IS3’s dispersion is at the level of tier 10’s.

      Go figure….because of reasons…


  2. Yeah…. I got Blocked my main ID in Asia…. because I made video about illegal mods.

    And someone report me…. and I got Blocked….

    And WG didn’t listen my opinion…. haha T.T

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  3. I just uninstalled this fucking game.

    I drove amx 13 57gf and just when we were about to win (i was about to kill the last enemy alive – t28 Prot) this fucking greedy FCM 50t ramms me off the cliff so he could get the kill.
    I somehow survived so i shot him 3 times and got banned for 1 month.

    Came back after 2 weeks to have some fun just to get banned for 1 month by this retarded system.
    Played this crap for 4 years


    1. You shoot teammates – you get banned.
      If sun shines – its light.

      What the fuck did you expect? :D

      Halo over your head? Holy blessing :D What the hell, mate.

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      1. I expected nothing… maybe paying credits and losing 2 xp like every time over all this 4+ years.
        I just had such a good game, i was about to get my 4th kill, great support play… had almost full HP and then that asshole just rammed me off the center hill edge (Mines) and i just lost it and bursted 3 shells in his ass.

        Wish he had killed me there :/


    2. Unless other servers are very different from NA, you don’t get a 1 month ban for shooting someone 3 times. You had to be doing a moderate amount of team killing to work up to a 1 month ban.

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      1. i just re-checked and it said 12th july… it was in fact 2 hour ban or something.
        I just say 12th and i just pressed OK and uninstalled everything WoT related because i thought it was 1 month ban for this minor action.

        Whatever… i will just re-install it when i feel like it anyway.

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      1. Oh thank you for your kindness, very mature of you.
        I assume you jut hit puberty, so “fucking idiot”… why not heh :D


  4. The biggest problem with existing aimbots is the fact that pubbies have a new excuse and sth new to annoy unicorns as they have no idea what a aimbot does in this game.

    The aimbot will just take the lead and may try to snipe on weakspots, but it cant mess with accuracy, RNG, aimtime, dispersion in general – well just everything the server calculates.

    Still the first comment here was a crying pubbie who complains about a guy who snapshot him. FailFish
    And ya the guy who got called out is a potato.. coincidence?


    1. Yeah, that’s why I’d like the blogs to not point this out, because then people will call everything aimbot. In every battle you can see someone saying “cheater, hacker” in chat, 99% of the time it is just not knowing game mechanics….


  5. I suspect he also uses script turning manual FE into AFE, basically the fire extinguisher is used after first tick, which can be done manually if you have fast reactions, but I don’t expect someone using aimbot has them.


    1. The speed he put out the fire was unrealistically fast, even for someone that has the reflexes to do so (also considering he has it mapped it “UP MB” but the screen has never zoomed in when he put the fire out), it’s probably a scripted manual FE


  6. I still think a player without lag issues could do much better than what a aim bot does, since a player can negate aim spread, do much more accurate shoots and etc etc, if your gun keeps following the target and it keeps changing course, you would never hit it with a aim bot, since it would reset your aim all the time.

    But if you keep driving straight without changing curse, you’re asking to get hit. =P


  7. Watched the vid 3 times now… cant see were he is using aimbots. Normaly it messes arround with your HUD and you can see clearly that the gun points in another direction than your aimcircle. Cant see that here… its nothing a 1500wn8 cant do with a little help of rngesus. Leading your target manually / hitting a fast moving tank / winning a game / doing much dmg isnt magic


  8. What makes me sick is the fact that WG only hands them a 1 week ban for using an aimbot…
    I know of 2 people that were caught and reported, and both were only given a 1 week ban.
    This was one of them –

    (the uploader isn’t the person that used the aimbot, he just downloaded and re-uploaded it before the person that used it had a chance to delete the replay.


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