0.5.9 German BBs: Tiers 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 Stats

The tier IV is not here because there is nothing special about it, apparently.


12 thoughts on “0.5.9 German BBs: Tiers 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 Stats

    1. yes but then again you should face only her angled bow to the enemy anyway.
      At tier7 these mainguns plus the 11(!) 128mm and Torps at close range she is a Cruiser nightmare

      Seb, just for the sake of completeness could you please post Tier IV too, even though there is nothing special

      thanks :)

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    1. Thing is…german ships wont get the secondary range module, apparently. So no mini Yamato with 11km seconsaries. :(


        1. Yeah of course, i find 9km enough and will enjoy my sails! But 11km would have been nicer. They are not THAT dangerous, mostly to dds when you dont have cruiser support. You have to ask why they prevent you from even having the option to install that module.
          Well, could be an advanrage too…vecause you dont gave to sacrifiece a more usefull module then.


      1. A 7.0km secondary range is plenty to fear in a BB that’s made for brawling. Any more than that is very delishious icing on der cake.


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        1. I just read that in wg forum:
          Chinese servers sold Scharnhorst yesterday, so they can go wild about its stats….They already sold Tone ….
          Scharnhorst is still being tested for other servers, and the current sigma value is still 1.8…
          Regarding the +20% secondary range module, now all german BBs can access it (regular + pre). The chinese server still doesn’t have +20% secondary range update for all german BBs though.


            1. China’s WoWs is not under the control of WG, so they have a lot of other ships that are still being tested on the other servers being sold. Tone is available on the Chinese server, but is rather broken since she only has 4×2 203mm guns and has a few more fighter planes.


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