Aimless Tank Gods: We need more replays!!

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ShadyRush is currently working on TAP’s own RNG series (Aimless Tank Gods). Everything is going fine, except the fact that we still don’t have enough replays for a good, long video. That’s why I remind everyone that you can send your WoT replays with hilarious/epic moments to this email:

(You can also suggest him stuff to help with the series. Like copyright-free music, effects and so on)

Seb out (posting more WoWS soon)



30 thoughts on “Aimless Tank Gods: We need more replays!!

  1. I have been working on my own rng stuff which I never seem to be able to finish. The replays are a bit older (so not working anymore), but I have recorded them already. Would it be fine to upload the video fragments and send them over? Thanks!


  2. still separating mines to send, doing the summer event on WoT, the “new” TD line event on Blitz, and events on WoWs, to many things at the same time, but I got catch these freebies, got catch them all! =P


  3. Come on people, Shady can’t make a vid solely from my replays!
    Send them to him, don’t leave the blog hangin’!

    I feel like I’m about the only one who actively sends replays…


    1. well if the video tittle was “The Adventures of Sgt_Zephyr in WoT” he could do it =P

      btw, I am eager to send mines, just don’t got the time yet to separate they all, I have the option to save a replay from every match i play, so I got too many replays, got see what is worth to send =P

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    1. Nuh-uh – long videos fly seamlessly if they are montaged without boring stuff.
      A fine balance between speed death metal and WG fixing bugs.


      1. What the hell is “speed death metal”? There is either speed metal or death metal, combination of the two doesn’t exist.


            1. Oh no – I cant joke. Wanna hear non-joke?
              Shave your wool off to sell it and buy some brain material.

              Now thats 3,8 dollars.


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