TAP’s own RNG series : You can help!

Hello readers, Shadyrush here with a announcement.

We at TAP have decided to start our very own RNG series! But, to give it a proper start we are going to need YOUR replays. Have any epic wins, fails or have you witnessed something hilarious? Don’t be afraid to send your replays to the following mail: shadyrush@hotmail.com

Feedback and suggestions are welcomed as well! We’ll be sure to turn your replays, suggestions and feedback into a series worthy of TAP.

And now… all aboard the hype train!


31 thoughts on “TAP’s own RNG series : You can help!

  1. Here is my first contribution:
    DMax on Wide Park, camping like a pig. I see an other DMax, shoot him (14:26) then I shoot a Cromwell (14:15).
    I see one of those retarded O-Is, I shoot at him and… Kill the invisible T28E.
    O-I disappears. I shoot where I guess he should be hidden (I thought he was just behind the bridge, I underestimed his size) and… Kill the DMax (13:50). Okay… Thanks. :D

    I die shortly after because teammates died and let the flank collapse.
    (Don’t pay attention if I told my team they were idiots :P )

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  2. Oh, neat!
    Do youaccept replays from sealclubbing tanks too?
    I could show you how good teh Pz II J’s armor is!

    Oh, and if you need good music for the clips, I suggest looking up Shurk.
    TheFatRat is fantastic, but you know his music already, i presume.
    Welp, I will make sure to look out for good stuff.

    Oh, also, arty replays are good too, right?

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    1. Knock yourself out. If you think it’d be worth watching just send it!

      Also, thanks for the music. I’ll be sure to give it a look.


                  1. Right, your attention span is still as long as a cat’s dick.
                    Welp, I have better things to do, like making good replays for teh TAP RNG Seris.


                    1. Troll-suicide killing friendly arties is one of them xD

                      I also have better things to do – like deciding if I want Euro Truck Simulator 2….hm…


                    2. Both of you.

                      I don’t have anything against either of you but this is like a married couple arguing online.


  3. the intro is AWSOME. This initiative has a huge potential :) . And may I sugest a tank review series too, freestyle, no pollitical correct limitations. I think I can help you on the epic defeat corner, I had some terrible games lately, 15-3, 15-2, 15-5 losses…. just let me sift through my archive..

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    1. hehehe thanks. And who knows about the tank reviews, this series will be my main focus but I’ll keep your suggestion in the back off my head.

      Also, just send me those replays!

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  4. If you will not make this series greater than GREAT EUROPEAN RANDOM – the SerB will nerf you.
    With hammer this time.


      1. Im saying that you have examples – me, One16, mrwanwan, Papoj – could find ruskie ones.

        Do it better, make it faster, our fails are never over….Ok its not those words in lyrics but ok :D


  5. *off topic*

    “Change your port to “New York” for an out-of-this-world view by clicking the little anchor icon in the top-left corner of your screen”

    don’t know how long it was been on the main WoWS page for NA, and don’t checked it yet, anyone can say if there is something special about this message?


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