WoWS: News from Ev1n

I’ll just quote the proeminent WG Staff member (he said this on the forums, here):

„I don’t necessarily agree with the proposals to limit RNG (not because we don’t want to do that) – they have their own issues. However, the rest sounds good and is pretty close to our thoughts on the subject at hand. We will bring back training rooms eventually, but they require a UI rework, while at the same time they’re not a high priority for us at the moment. We’re also thinking of experimenting with larger team size for the next ranked season.

As for the elo suggestion – i like it personally and the mechanics are there (Team Battles use them), but there are other factors we have to consider as well. We’ll see what the future brings to Ranked Battles.

We’re anyway working on making artillery mechanics more skill-based, just not necessarily the way you proposed. There were more than 50 ideas brainstormed by the dev team and some are being prototyped at the moment. You won’t see any results in the immediate future, but i’m hopeful some of them will be good enough to get to a production environment.”


9 thoughts on “WoWS: News from Ev1n

  1. The problem with more “skill based” shooting is the BBs should just shitstomp everything bigger than a DD from +15km

    Even right now, they have higher hit rates at long range than IRL.

    Honestly, they just need to rework the range on ships as a whole before they can work on making accuracy less random.


      1. I have never written what you quoted.

        Please re-read my message, you will notice that I am saying that BBs currently have a higher hit rate at long range in game than IRL, so buffing it would be:
        a) unhistorical
        b) extremely bad for balance

        And with those two major arguments laid down, I postulate that there is no reason to increase accuracy on BBs.


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