The Ridge 3 Map Video & Bonus Pic

This map apparently has a name now.

9j1uEiDTc_A eJ9ZTIUK4p8


23 thoughts on “The Ridge 3 Map Video & Bonus Pic

      1. On your left you will see a bigass crater full of dragons, out for a walk Kel’Thuzad, on your left some ally wankers pisswater port, up north hot baths and tauren relatives.

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    1. or
      “hey WoTers, look at how sweet our WoWS Models look! don’t you want to leave WoT and go play a game we are actually adding stuff to instead of removing stuff!”

      *looks at WoT console vs PC*

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  1. looks great but way to much soft ground. how will the mediums and lights flank. once again we will be forced to fight heavies head on


  2. Thats so stupid. I already dislike this map. Whats with this f**** ships? Is this a joke? Wot going fantasy-setting? This map does not fit into Wot at all.


  3. maybe some ship expert will identify the ships for easter eggs.
    I saw a bunch of nurnbergs and/or konigsbergs.
    A lowtier rus ship, probably the one thats gonna be given out on the RU server.
    And that BB looks like……bismark or the H series.


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