New AMD Crossfire Profile for WoT

WoT now has Crossfire support with AMD’s new Crimson driver update along with the new RX 480 (gimme!).



14 thoughts on “New AMD Crossfire Profile for WoT

  1. ahh i just upgraded to 16.1 and the flicker finally went away after YEARS. was so happy. crossfire didnt turn on, but it no longer destroyed wot and forced you to turn it off. its working great. i am too chicken to upgrade to 16.2 now haha!


    1. gimme! > Nope! It’s mine! :)
      I love this; Here’s a great thing at affordable prices PR they have going on.
      1080 has the best performance but there is no way I would buy it(even if I could afford it).

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        1. then 270x 199$ > now rx480 199$
          And keep in mind that rx470 beats 270x by 60-100% according to what I saw.
          And all that with waaay less heat.


  2. Where’s the Nvidia trolls ?

    coming in with their 980Ti / 1070 / 1080 / Titan X and claim 480 is bad becoz it can’t compete with GPUs that’s much more expensive :p


    1. they (or rather we) are waiting for 1060 to arive :-P that card shoud be bit more expensive, bit more powerfull and lot more power efficient


      1. 1. Nvidia went with the strongest cards first > great performace but not in the interest range for the vast majority.

        2. A bit more expensive, bit more powerfull and lot more power efficient is not very interesting for the average Joe.

        3. We do not know if the 2 is accurate claim(might be better or worse)

        AMD went first…. So unless Nvidia shows a better card at about same price it will look like they are following AMD because they have to(to stay competitive).
        Review sites love 1080s but I want the best performance I can afford.
        And I happen to be broke and a cheap bastard. So I hope that Nvidia will hit back really hard.

        Harder they fight > better shit we get for less cash.


        1. Very true, I am glad I finally see AMD with a competitive card that also brings something new, might get nVidia to push the prices down a bit.
          Now it’s time to fight on CPU segment so Intel can’t just farm money on us.


        2. GTX 1060 will be in the same price bracket as the RX480, and leaks ‘suggest’ it will have GTX 980 performance.
          Not that I’m interested, I have 2 x GTX 1080’s on pre-order…


          1. I hope you have those cards for 2 PCs, or 3x4k surround setup, otherwise you are wasting money… 4k monitors are bottlenecked at 60hz currently, and until they invent IO capable of delivering uncompressed 4k 120+Hz signal, one 1080 is all you will ever need… (I am planing to buy it for 1440p 144hz gaming, it´s the sweetspot for that card if you have Gsync)


          2. one more thing: 6Gb VRAM version of 1060 Founders is said to cost 300$, 60$ more then 480 8Gb, with 15%+ better performance (dont trust this until you see benchmarks), and only 110-120W TDP (vs 160-165W on 480)


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