WoWS: Krasny Krym, Scharnhorst and König Albert pictures

Sorry for being late. Credits: Vaexa

Krasny Krym


Likely premium

König Albert




10 thoughts on “WoWS: Krasny Krym, Scharnhorst and König Albert pictures

  1. Scharnhorst in her original configuration, judging by the ship’s crest on the bow. Floatplane is wrong, should be the Arado 196.


    1. They will allocate planes depending on what tier the ship is. Could be you get Arado 196 as a premium consumable or it’s not available at Scharn’s tier.


  2. Acutally Scharnhorst should unlikely be a premium, as it is the class ship of the Scharnhost-class. Therefore the Gneisenau should be the premium according to WGs normal procedure….


    1. So is Sims, Atlanta and Kamikaze but they became premiums anyway. Gneisenau will likely have upgrades she was planned to receive but never happened IRL, which probably makes it the regular candidate over Scharnhorst.


  3. Scharnhorst with 11inch – firepower of tier 3 bb, but they’ll put it in tier 7. Upgrade to six 15 inch? Barely more than Myogi at tier 4.
    Koenig Albert – prettier than Kawachi, but its hardly historically famous and has same 8 gun broadside. Why pay real money?


  4. Just checked out Scharnhorst’s and Gneisenau’s competition at tier 7, and if WG want to call them BB’s rather than large well armoured cruisers, then they’re clearly outclassed.
    Nagato and Colorado are both larger, better armoured overall, and carry 8×16 inch guns.
    Have WG been at the vodka again? Why do they do things like this?
    They’ve placed Bismarck and Tirpitz at tier 8, yet as a rehashed design from WW1, they don’t have any more firepower than the tier 6 Warspite, and LESS than the tier 7’s. Because? Reasons?


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