Kanonenjagdpanzer Available on EU

TD and slot, price: 36.80 €



5 thoughts on “Kanonenjagdpanzer Available on EU

  1. The KaJaPa was completely useless before but after the latest buff actually usable. Don’t play it as your standard TD, you can also use it as passive scout and kemp bush. It’s not so much of a damage dealer; a very good game in the KaJaPa is around 3k damage, whereas very good game in an ISU will be 5k+.


    1. …kemping bushes while WG remove bushes with every patch including “map improvements”..
      Killed one today on Steppes with my Paytton, it pops up, catch a shell, panic-backward-move, repeated this two times and was dead.
      Must be funny Gameplay in Tier 10 Matches.


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