121B and T71 CMCD spotted on EU server

Screenshots made by Reddit users halokotima and Teekeks.

Link to 121B : stats and pictures & ingame pictures

Link to T71 CMCD : stats and pictures

(the links should be opening in a new tab)


Source : rykoszet.info


41 thoughts on “121B and T71 CMCD spotted on EU server

  1. can they just not include the fake chinese tanks
    noone’s interested in fake tanks
    (pretty sure the 121B was confirmed fake and just concocted by some “KongZhong” dude)

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      1. Actually, no.
        The 121 and WZ-121 are different tanks, but has really close development dates between either.
        Basically, the 121 we see in the game , was a prototype that was planned to use a newer 122mm cannon (The Chinese didn’t like the D-25T anymore), but after capturing a T-62 from the Soviets, they decided it would be useless if it faces 2nd generation MBT, so they ditched the project and went for a more advanced design that became the WZ-121/ Type 69
        (Do note the industrial code “WZ-” indicates that a tank is accepted for service / passed trials, while prototype designs would only have a number)
        The 121 we have in game should be mostly historical, but the 121B is just mashing up the later L7-armed Type 69 with the older 121 chassis.

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          1. 113 is fishy though. It was suppose to compete with WZ-111 in the heavy tank project, both use a lot of components from type-59. The armament was a tank gun converted from the D-74 towed gun. But due to the political issues and low industrial capabilities, they could only use the 520hp engine from type-59, which decreased their mobility. In the end, the project was cancelled.

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          1. In fact, “Triple Hydraulics” is the 122A, which serves as a concept demonstrator. It uses hydraulic suspension, hydraulic power steering and hydraulic transmission.

            There is also a 122B, which uses mechanical transmission, mechanical steering and torsion-bar suspension in order to increase its reliability. Both 122A and 122B serves as prototypes of Type-80.

            121B, on the other hand, should be the prototype for the Type-69.

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              1. Type 80 is not a 2nd Gen but a 1.5 Gen consider its armor layout and lack of composite+ERA/NERA, it came out when 2nd/early 3gen is began to roll out doesn’t mean it can be one of them :p

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                1. [Continue] For the WZ-122, it’s stuck on the prototype stage and ended there. It wasn’t directly relate to Type 80/88 family nor Type 85/90/96 family.

                  I wouldn’t use WZ-123 as the designation for Type 99 family, PRC and PLA has slowly moving the WZ designation to ZTZ for tanks around the Chinese economic reform at 80’s.

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                  1. I don’t see why the WZ- industrial codes shouldn’t be used, it is used in early development stages where the tank hasn’t been named yet, so the project code/ industrial code fits well imo.
                    Then again, every tank that has been/ is in service in the PLA has 3 names, it should be fine to use any of them really.


                    1. PLA’s WZ and ZTZ designation is probably just like how the British Army move on from ‘A-numbers’ to ‘FVs’ after WW2. I admit using ZTZ-99 over WZ-123 is just my personal preference.


                    1. The design of Type 85 chassis is likely to be heavily influenced by WZ-122. And not T-72 as most people thought, except the gun ofc :p


  2. I wonder, how will the T71 ACDC will appear?
    I have the feeling that it won’t be easily accessible, aka it will be some idiotic Clan War reward bullshit.

    Anyone knows anything about it?

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  3. T71 was announced as a tier 7 premium. You can’t have both T71’s as regular tanks. And since the alternative hull idea was scarapped this will probably be sold in a pack. We have to wait and see in september at the anniversary of the first tank ever built or something like that.


  4. Again, it really comes down on how everyone sees a “Fake’ tank. I would say if it’s not even a blueprint that is shown to the public, it’s fake.

    121B is a half fake IMO, the looks and the gun definitely resembles the Type 69(late)/79, but WG/KZ have said 121 prototypes were destroyed by PRC’s nuclear test at 60s~70s, how can the 121B has a L7 if PRC only got their hands on them at 80’s.


    1. KongZhong most likely wanted a Chinese tank with a 105mm but the Type 79, Type 59-II, and the Type 80 are all made/upgraded in the 80’s and 90’s which WG didn’t like.

      So KongZhong made up a tank from an existing blueprint project and added a 105mm L7.

      They probably blatantly lied in front of WG’s face.


      1. WG is being a retard, but so does KZ being a dumbass to fail to persuade WG.

        If they study further than wikipedia, they will know the technology that PLA’s MBTs are using at the 80’s is still around late 60s, just remove the ERA and smoothbore variants, there’s loads to choose as a t10 MT candidate with many t10 CW reward tanks to use. Although they are look alike and many haters gonna hate.


        1. Unless the mounting of a 122mm Type 60 gun is real, WG could easily give it a 105mm L7 to the WZ-120 a.k.a. Type 59-II. Type 80 and the Type 79 could also be another tier 10 tank. Type 79 can replace the 121 if turns out to be fabricated.


          1. There’s no official resources that the PRC and PLA have got the M62-T2 and clone it. Or they enhanced their D-25Ts. So I guess this leaves a room for WG/KZ fantasy and I can bitch about it being fake :p

            Having Type 69/79 or even Type 80 is they are easier to get HD skins as they exist IRL.


            1. The WZ-120, 121, and 113’s gun is the Type 60 122mm which is a copy of the Soviet 122mm D-74. Hence, why the gun is called the 122mm 60-122T.

              I wouldn’t be surprised if they used this gun in their tanks


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