Maps with weather effects in WoT Console

In update 3.1 titled “Vive la France!”, there will be the maps “Erlenberg – Blizzard” and “Steppes – Sandstorm”.

The weather effects affect the view range, similarly to WoWS.



17 thoughts on “Maps with weather effects in WoT Console

  1. Are you kidding me Blitz, i want this on pc for fuc sake. Fuc all those toaster pc’s we live in 2016 not the middelages


    1. Not all people have money for buying new pc try imagine yourself living in some country like Bosnia and working 12 hours on day for 200 euros!

      Now of that 200 euros when you pay all bills you are left with like 40 if you are lucky to buy yourself something if you dont get sick from all that job or you need to pay something else

      Now when you imagine that would you write same thing you did write here?

      For me al these efects are just useless and if they ever come option to disable them would be nice


      1. But why should some third worlder in Bosnia prevent non euro poors from having a better game? Entire reason why everyone wants out of the EU.


        1. Weather effects won’t make the game better, just more fancy. I honestly don’t get the obsession with graphics, considering how terrible the engine is and how low the requirements are WoT looks pretty good IMO. The HD models are Faptastic.
          Also nice political analysis. :P


  2. They have “Blizzard” and “Sandstorm”? :) I somehow feel those names were picked for a reasons and weather wasn’t one of them.


  3. We’ll never have these thing on PC because of Russian. BibleThump
    I guess I’m gonna pick up the PS4 for this……


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