WoWS: USS Black (DD-666) Leaked Stats

From the Chinese source, so take it with a

grain of salt!

(stats should change in the future)

Translated by Urakaze.


USS Black (DD-666) 

Tier 9 Premium Destroyer

*USS Black still has old modules back from 0.5.6, WG still hasn’t updated it yet, likely to be the same case with the ships stats, please view with discretion*
Ship HP: 17100
Max. Speed: 35 knots
Rudder Shift time: 3.9 seconds
Turning Circle Radius: 560 m
View Range: 18.7 km
Surface Detectability: 7.3 km
Air Detectability: 4 km
Main Battery
127mm/38 Mk30 mod.0 (5×1)
Range: 12.9 km
Reload time : 3.3 seconds
Turret rotation speed: 5.3 second per 180 degree                                                                     
HE Shell: 1800 damage,792 m/s velocity, 5% chance of fire
AP Shell: 2100 damage,792 m/s velocity, Normalization -8 degree
Torpedo Armament
Quint 533mm Mk.16 mod.1 (2×5)
Damage: 19033
Speed: 66 knots
Range: 10.5 km
Reload time: 106 seconds
Far: 54 damage, Range 5 km
Middle: 34 damage, Range 3.5 km
Near: 37 damage, Range 2 km
*USS Black has the same unique camouflage as the USS Flint, hence it is expected to be another trophy ship in later Ranked Battle seasons*

32 thoughts on “WoWS: USS Black (DD-666) Leaked Stats

    1. Me too.
      WG said that they do not want tier 10 premiums because veterans would play them more then regular one. I think it will be with 9 tier.
      It would be a precedent any way.


    1. There was actually a serious suggestion to skip hull number 666 altogether and go right to 667, but less idiotic heads prevailed.

      But I wouldn’t be surprised if this ship goes on sale for Halloween.

      We’re still waiting for the Worcester and Buffalo, though.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Seriously?
        Jeezums, how stupid people can be?
        Besides being a reference to a fictious entity, this is just a number! UGH! -_-
        I picked up on playing WoWS again, so I want to know how future ships get in the game, this one looks interesting, too.


  1. Disappointed that they didn’t call it the USS Lucifer or something back when it was built. The Americans really missed something by not doing it.


    1. they named their dds by the names of their late naval commanders, if they had one whose name was lucifer they could consider it

      it’s brits, those easily could name it lucifer or something… if it was an l-class destroyer of course, they named them by the letter of the class, like one v-class was named vampire

      still yankees did the best what they could without breaking their tradition since black is pretty fitting for the hull number


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