Announcement: Tankfest Mission gives Gold

Yes, for all of you who already have the Light VIc, if you complete the mission, you will recieve 750 Gold! (together with the free slot) BUT NOT ON ASIA!


24 thoughts on “Announcement: Tankfest Mission gives Gold

  1. Oh my…
    WoT, here I come!
    (Cromwell, CromB, MBP, Excelsior, AT8, AT-15A, TOG, Bishop, Sentinel 1, all filled with magic rounds and with X2 for every victory)

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    1. In fact, I’ll never get it. The flood of retards is too strong. :/
      And the rigged MM decided I had to be in the worst team by far in every battle.

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  2. I actually want to do it for the VIC. I sold 2 gift tanks, one was the LTP and got it back with my one right to cancel a sale. The VIC I never got. So it’s a good opportunity to get it. Not much time to play though, only 18k so far.


      1. I got my Tetrarch back 2 years after selling it but this was before they introduced the 3 months rule and the rebuy thingy was new on EU.


  3. Well considering the last few on NA have been like this. And the no gold refund thing was mainly for high tiers and code tanks to prevent abuse. I guessed as much.


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