9.15.1 vs 9.15 M103 Armor Changes


8 thoughts on “9.15.1 vs 9.15 M103 Armor Changes

    1. I doubt it will be more bouncy. Lower plate is still shit, only thing that changed really are turret cheeks, that were pennable by T10 guns before.


        1. UFP was always good enough to bounce well, just about everything so buff to those areas is pointless, everything above the gun is the same – extremely weak cupola, roof that you can overmatch and EZ pen area above the gun, no change here.

          So the two areas that are weak points on this tank – LFP and turret from gun above – are unchanged, strong points are stronger but nobody was shooting you or penning you there before. Only thing that changed and actually will be noticable are the turret cheeks.


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