Sandbox news: No NDA, nor arty limit?

Supposedly, WG did not keep their promises. First we begin with the supposed arty limit:

There is no 3 SPG limit on the Sandbox. I’m playing right now and I had 4 SPGs per side a few times already. (It could be that matchmaker was potentially dropping some rules due to low population, depending on the timeframe)

Moreover, another reader (Ragnarocek) sent a support ticket to WG and this is the recieved message:


I’ve contacted WG support with the question of placing sandbox videos on
youtube (after NDA announcement) and I got this reply:

Reply from Jan *****:


 Thanks for your reaction. There are no special rules for sandbox –
 uploading of videos and streaming are allowed under standard conditions
 as streaming of live, or public test servers. Streaming and video
 creation from sandbox is welcome, because it will make more feedback
 from players.

Best regards