StratSketch – WoT Strategy Planner

StratSketch is a real-time strategy planning tool that makes it easy to create and share map tactics. It can be used to plan strategies for Clan Wars and tournaments, and teach players how to play maps better.

StratSketch has thirteen editing tools that give a lot of flexibility, yet the interface is simple and clean looking. It has high resolution maps for World of Tanks and will be expanding to more games in the future. Briefings are easy to organize and the permissions system allows the creator to designate roles for each user in the session. One of the great features of StratSketch is the presentation system, slides can be created to show alternate strategies, and leaders can present the briefing to the clan by entering presentation mode, which shows each user the same slide and location as the presenter.

There is also a tutorials section that offers some more in depth information for those who want to learn about the more advanced features. Overall, StratSketch is a great tool that will greatly benefit many competitive teams and clans. Plus, it has cool colors.

You can try StratSketch at