Sandbox Q&A – 15th June 2016

Thanks Vlad
– Are there many people applying, or is this under NDA? – Yes, many;
– Will SPG’s stun allied tanks too? – Yes;
– And what is the purpose of tier 10 SPG then? Except for engineer achievement? – Dealing damage and stunning;
– And what will the difference between tier 8 “damage and stun” and tier 10 “damage and stun” be? – Same as it is now;
– The 261 has a smaller caliber and thus less damage than the 212. It was meant to shoot AP with relatively high precision and ROF. Now it only has ROF as advantage. Any changes in tech trees due to balance? – Not planned yet, but possible, but not connected to the rebalance, but to improve the logic of research;
– So tier 10 arty which previously dealt 1k-1,5k damage will now deal 300-500, and tier 8 arty which dealt 500-800 damage will now deal 100-300? I’m not even talking about arty below tier 8, no sense even shooting with that; – Splash damage will be increased, there will be additional earnings for stunning;
– What about XP for tanking? “Will come”, when will it though? In Sandbox? – Not in Sandbox, but will come for sure;
– Are you not afraid of ruining the game economy? – We actually are;
– What’s there to test actually? – Testing is aimed at the game process and balance, depending on which changes are successful, economics will be adjusted;
– Are you not afraid of stunned tanks being so uncomfortable to play that arty will be hated even more? Crits of all crew members for 20 seconds is quite unpleasant; – We decided that this variant is better than recieving large damage at once;
– Arty will have a splash of 800qm, then one arty can stun 2-3 tomatos migrating through a corridor, two artys can make the stun continous. Didn’t you hear about Bishop or Bert platoons? – You take the maximum possible splash radius of an artillery piece and project it on small-caliber pieces, why?
– How will premiums feel with the incoming nerfs/buffs? – Good, as they do now;
– Loss of penetration now starts at 50m, instead of 150m? – Instead of 100m;
– When I was playing the Maus and angling my turret 30-45°, the only thing I was hearing were HEAT rounds hissing while penetrating the “cheeks”, everything else ricochets, so you underestimate HEAT rounds; – HEAT parameters will also be reviewed;
– What about teamdamage which was caused by allies being in the 30m splash? – 15m max;
– What’s the big deal about teamdamage in the game? – “Like in real life”;
– Do tanks disappear in real life in the field? Does a track require 15s to repair in real life? – Conditions are in the game, you can’t live without them, but we don’t want to cancel out all elements from reality;
– Each shot from an SPG means an incredible penalty because of teamdamage; – We’ll take that into account;
– This is just the first interation and it’s tier 10 only, I’m thinking about FV304, leFH and others, will they cause any kind of damage? – Yes;
– Do you plan together with the vehicle stats to rebalance perks and equipment? – Later, else we would pull on too many levers at once;
– You already do with the MM and map changes; – MM and maps will also be worked on;