WoWS Fail: Emden Codes

EDIT: WORKING NOW, claim your free Emden here:

(Also thanks Sgt_Zephyr, Erwin and others for pointing it out)

I will start by saying I never played or had any interest in this game, but:
Today i’ve got an email with the title “Grab your welcome gift now”! Welcome gift was containing: Tier 2 premium german cruiser Emden, 7 days of premium account time,and 1,000,000 ingame credits, all in all not bad for a new start.
Well I can’t say I was surprised when I tried to claim my “Welcome gift” just to get this message:

And here is the email, just in case someone thinks I’m trolling, have in mind that this email arrived 6 hours ago, so no way that it’s outdated: