New supertest map – “Pacific Rim”

This new map appeared on the supertest, it’s called “Pacific Rim” and seems to be an island map:


20 thoughts on “New supertest map – “Pacific Rim”

    1. Overall, good.
      But my goldspam tanks disapprove. PzB2, ok its OP. But Valentine II, M4Imp, PzIID, Matilda IV are already “meh” and will heavily suffer. :/ Same goes for bottom Tier tanks and scouts in Tier+3 matches (when you are Tier 6 and have to deal with a E75).
      For any of the gold-dependant and other low pen tanks, it’s some massive nerf)


    2. So this was the nerf Seb was not giving the info of to us.
      Well, shame on you for just simply posting it in a comment. But also, shame on Seb for doing exactly what WG does.
      In fact, shame on everyone! Especially you, Whore Ass Wardrobe Woras The Tool!


  1. soo this is the XboxOne/PS4 map they got alot of time already, no? what’s new on it? hidden pacific rim monsters? =P


  2. Leave it to Wargaming to give us a “console exclusive” map then rescind it. For those wondering, this map has been on console for over a year, and it is called Pacific Island. As for how it played, it is very asymmetrical with one team spawning on a hill and the other spawning near the shore. It’s quite small, only really good for mid tier tanks. While having the high ground of the hill seems good, due to the smallness of the map coupled with how high the hill is elevated, tanks with bad gun depression suffer at fighting from the top of it.

    I expect if they are giving you this console “exclusive” they will be giving you other console exclusives like our T-34-88 or our AMX Chaffee.


  3. So it’s basically the same map console have had for years, but with no lake in the middle? It’s a shitty map on console, but then again I only get it on encounter.


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