The PzV/IV – Maybe too OP?

Source: Tupinambis, thanks to Lina for sharing! Original thread.
I’m absolutely loving it. I’m sure the like…. dozen or so people left on the NA server who still have one are also loving it.
Overnight the PzV/IV went from being one of the, if not THE worst premium tanks in the game to being one of the, if not THE most overpowered premium tanks in the game.
Compared to all of the other currently available German tier 5 mediums [we’re excluding the Hydro here]:
The PzV/IV has the best ROF and DPM [1811 vs 1720 on the PzIV and Turan, 1600 on the III/IV and T25].
Best aim time [1.92 for V/IV, 2.1 for Turan, 2.2 for IV and III/IV, 2.4 for T25]
By far the best dispersion values [literally less than half of the gun bloom while moving and turret rotation as the T25]
0.12 moving, 0.16 turning, 0.08 turret rotation for the V/IV.
0.2-0.25 moving, 0.12-0.16 turret rotation for the others.
Less gun bloom after firing [not a huge deal TBH].
Just about tied for best mobility, losing slightly to the III/IV. Slower in a line than the T25 but has great traverse values in comparison.
Best hull armor, by far.
Best view range, 365m vs 350 for the PzIV and 320-330 for the others.
And it can 1-hit KO tier 4’s and some tier 5’s by ramming.
Triple the engine health of most of the other mediums; fewer knocked out engines.
~70% better track health than the others, fewer immobilizations.
Better ammo rack health [180 vs 150].
The only things counting against this tank are;
1. The T25 and Turan have more hitpoints [610 and 570 vs 520]
2. The Turan has better turret armor [75 vs 50]
3. Marginally worse camo, but this is itself more than compensated for by the view range disparity.
And do you know what the best part about all of this is?
Not only is the PzV/IV more powerful outright than the other mediums, it also has pref-MM.
No tier 7 battles, ever.
And it will never be available ever again :trollface:
Of course, this could all change with the “global rebalance”.
Here are the stats:…5.c:turn-iii-pt